Friday, March 11, 2011

Best Friday EVER!

Today was the day to get my new ride built and fit.  My friend, Erika, and I set out for Geneva, New York and the Geneva Bicycle Center this morning.  I had an appointment at 10 to get the new baby built and then an appointment at 12:30 to get fit.

We got there a little before 10, found a rockstar spot across the street from the shop and right next to a great little coffee shop called Opus. They had great coffee and espresso drinks made with beans roasted right in the shop.  They also served a tasty (primal friendly) chicken salad over mixed greens for lunch among other, not so primal choices.  If you were not trying to be good, they also had tons of amazing looking baked goods, paninis, and granola also made right in house. Seriously, I could not think of a better way to spend the day than going back and forth between the bike shop and the coffee shop!!  Mark (aka TriDadOfFive) joined us for lunch and did his best to try to break me with a chocolate chip cookie to no avail...

Oh, Mark, I am a strong one.

Anyway, while my new bike was being built by Matt, who seemed a little nervous with all of the picture taking going on, Erika was scoping out the tri bikes for herself.

I'm not exactly sure if Erika had planned on actually buying a bike today, but before long she was in the fit studio on a sweet little Giant which just happened to make it on top of the Trimommy-mobile and back to Syracuse this afternoon.  Yay for new bikes!!

So towards the end of lunch, I kept anxiously checking my watch to see if it was my turn.  Finally 12:30 rolled around and we walked back across the street to the shop to see how the new one fit.

Now let me just say right here that Chad is AMAZING!!  The Geneva Bike Center is known far and wide for the quality of their bike fittings, and Chad is their go-to guy.  He has years of experience and really understands how the body works and how to fit the bike to the body instead of fitting the body to the bike.  One of the things he reiterated over and over to us today was that no matter what the quality of your bike is, entry-level or high-end, it is the fit that ensures speed, comfort, and easy running of off a tri bike.  I was so impressed with his depth of knowledge of physiology, body and bike mechanics.  I felt like I learned a lot today about the importance of a good fit and the why behind that importance.

For my fit, he started by seeing how I stood barefoot and how my feet hold the load of my body.  Then he had me lie on a table where he tested my flexibility and symmetry throughout my lower body and back. With this and my athletic history, my distance focus, the average mileage I ride per year, my height and weight, and any injuries I might be dealing with, he was able to, in his words, "paint a picture" of me as a rider.

Mark, who offered to take his shirt off,
 took his leave as Chad checked my feet...that is why I look so stiff.

Then it was time to get on the bike...finally!!  Right at that moment, my stomach gave a nervous flip.  What if she didn't work for me?  What if she was uncomfortable?  What if we weren't a good match?

My face says it all, right?  After a few tweaks, she felt amazing!  

I couldn't help but admire the two of us in the mirror with Buttercup looking on.  I'm sure even she feels good about the whole thing, no seat and all.

And so I present to you, in all her glory, my new Kestrel 4000 Pro SL.

Miss Artemis Blue

She is named after the Greek goddess of the hunt and wild animals.  She is strong, she is sexy, she is fast, and she is all mine!


  1. The way you make it sound, if I was taking a trip home to western NY any time soon, I might just bring my own bike along and stop in to see Chad myself. haha

    That's awesome that you have such an awesome hometown "team" per se to help you out. I'm still getting to know the bike shops around here and being a novice, it's a bit touch-and-go.

    I'm holding off on buying a tri bike until I feel more comfortable knowing all the ins and outs of cycling, but all the pictures are making it hard! The bike looks AMAZING!

  2. Great looking ride Kelly! Better becareful we do not jump on the wrong rides in transition (-:

    Glad you got a great fit. Mark always talks about how great Geneva is and from the looks of it he is spot on!

    Barely recognized Mark with a dress shirt and jacket? Figured they just let him teach shirtless but I guess not (-:

  3. She is gorgeous! May you enjoy many speedy miles together!

  4. Awesome, that is motivation for me to get mine all built up! Looks comfy and fast!

  5. Beautiful bike-I am sure that you will enjoy many adventures.

  6. You look so happy! Congrats on having a new beauty of a bike.

  7. She is beautiful! And congrats to your friend for spontaneous bike purchases, how fun!
    I'm going for my fit Tuesday!!!

  8. What a FABULOUS time I had yesterday! Thanks for featuring me on your page and giving me the privilege of being one of the first to meet Miss A.B. in person! I really will never forget this day! You are an amazing trimommy and friend. God bless the rest of this stretch unto TRI-SEASON! You'll come crackin outta the gates!

  9. So awesome!! LOVE the name!! Man, your fit sounds way more involved than mine.

  10. I just found your blog. It's AWESOME. I am soooo jealous of the new bike. I'm still a very, very beginner triathlete, but maybe someday....I'll invest in something like that. Love it!

  11. Awesome bike! I am so jealous! You look great on it!


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