Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wonderful You Wednesday: Surround Yourself

I know it's not Wednesday, but I didn't think you would mind a Wonderful You Wednesday on Thursday.  Am I right?

About a week ago I received a mysterious package in the mail.  I don't know about you, but I pretty much know when I am supposed to get a package, so when I receive one without knowing what it is and who it's from, it is very exciting.

I opened it up to find a lovely handwritten note (we should all do more of this, I'm sure) and this little trinket:

It was from my very good friend, Sarah.  You might remember her from a past Wonderful You Wednesday post.  She owns a bead shop/candy store called Eat It or Bead It. The note explained what the trinket means.  The bottom charm says "Cereal Doesn't Equal Speed."  Just a little reminder that we can find other things to treat ourselves with after dinner!  The next bead up from that is a "beautifully human bead."  One side says "beautifully human" and the other side says "wonderfully made" as a simple reminder of both those things.  The note goes on to say:
Also notice that although colored, the bead is transparent, which is how God see's you and HE still loves EVERYTHING!  The inspirational charms of Journey and Adventure I pray put you in a place of thought that is hopeful and invigorating when you feel despair or get just plain tired of everyday trials.  And last but not least, you are a wonderful friend to me and are a living example of grace to me.

My friend so touched my heart with this simple gesture.  The trinket is now my key chain as a constant reminder of not only all that she told me, but also as a reminder that I need to surround myself with friends that build me up and support me, that make me laugh, and that love me for who I am. And likewise, I aspire to be a friend like that right back to them.

Surround yourself with people like this and even the darkest day can brighten.


  1. How beautiful! What a treasured surprise & friendship. I love finding others who love me exactly how I am. Great post Kelly!

  2. What a fabulous post and a wonderful friend. Just what I needed to hear today!!

  3. love the idea of the transparent bead.

  4. what a truly amazing friend you have!!!

  5. What an awesome friend and an awesome gift! :)

  6. that is SO cool!! I have been thinking a lot about you (but didn't want to be a pest) and wondering how "things" are going....I hope very well :)

  7. I love surprises like that !!! Those are the best!


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