Saturday, February 5, 2011

"We're Snowboarders Now!"

The big adventure of the day for the Coverts was a trip to Labrador Mountain for some snowboarding.  Kel and I have been talking for a while about getting the boys out on the slopes, since they've never been skiing before, and Noah has been talking nonstop about snowboarding, so we finally got out there today.

As it turns out, when we were checking Noah into ski school there were no snowboarding boots small enough for him, so he ended up with skis.  He seemed totally fine with this. Since he is only 4, he wasn't able to come with the rest of us for our lesson, which was a little disappointing, but actually turned out for the best I think.  Noah has a tendency to kind of play the baby card when I am around, and I think he probably did a lot better without me there.  Take a look at this video from when we went to pick him up at the end of his session.

I also got a couple of pics of him, and just love this one.  He looks like he is having so much fun!

In my post from yesterday I alluded to the fact that I have snowboarded once before and SWORE I would NEVER do it again.  Let's just say my first time left me more sore and more bruised than anything I have ever done by choice.

Umm...yeah, so you know what they say about never say never?

Ryan, Kel and I took a lesson together.  We actually had two instructors for the three of us which worked out great.  One of the instructors sort of focused on Ryan and the other helped me and Kel.  I'm proud to say I did much better this time, and, even though I will probably feel it a bit tomorrow, I didn't do any damage of any kind!  I might have even had a little bit of fun (all the while watching people on skis swoosh merrily down the mountain, while I was rolling around in the snow trying to get my butt to a standing position...but really, I was smiling most of the time!)

Ryan did great.  We were reluctant to put him in the kids-only ski school because of he can sometimes have severe reactions to being in new social situations.  I think we made a good choice, and after our lesson we were able to go watch the end of Noah's.  Next time I think Ryan would do okay in the kids ski school, now that he knows what to expect.  Check out this great video of him snowboarding.  He's a natural!

At the end of our lesson Ryan said, "We're snowboarders now!"  I think I'll stick to skiing.

Sorry, no videos of me, but here's one of Kel to enjoy!!

And a few more pics!

Ryan learning how to put on the snowboard (put on? clip in? bind up?...not sure of the lingo here.) 

 Ryan and Kel listening intently to the instructions.  
Our instructor looked like he was about 12, but he was actually quite good with Ryan. 

Sticking the tongue out is a proven concentration technique.

I was supposed to head over to Ithaca tonight to grade a recital.  I drove for about 15 miles in freezing rain and snow, passed 4 accidents in the 45 minutes it took me to drive 15 miles before I decided to turn around.  Turns out even some of my students who live right in Ithaca weren't able to make it because the roads were so bad.  I am so ready for spring!!


  1. Ski lessons can totally make or break your day if you're a novice. Glad you and the fam had a blast!

  2. My big kid is a snow boarder. It makes the winter much more tolerable!

  3. That looks like you had so much fun! The pictures/videos of your boys are awesome!
    Before my boys were born I was a big snowboarder. I actually liked it better than skiing b/c I felt safer. But, I haven't been on my snowboard in about 6 year...yikes!

  4. That looks like a great time! I love the concentration pic!

  5. woooo the rope tow! haha! I went snowboarding a few years ago with my sister....the WORST part was the tow...we were so bad at it the instructor just made us walk up the hill , haha!!

  6. Looks like fun! Like I told ya, I used to snowboard a lot, LOVED it for a long time. Now I tele ski, I like it better. But I say, whatever gets you out there, right? Awesome videos!!!

    Oh. I am terrified of the rope tow. Just saying. You are brave!

  7. I tried snowboarding about 2 years ago - let me tell you - that was soreness! I think there is a reason you don't see many 30ish (ack, I'm almost 40ish) moms out there snowboarding! Looks like you guys had a blast!!


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