Friday, February 4, 2011

This and That

First some thoughts:

  • I had to swim today during water aerobics.  There is one lap lane and then the whole rest of the pool is taken up with large, chatty women in floaty belts and bathing suits with skirts kicking their little hearts out. It was like swimming in the ocean, waves and whales included.  I did not love it.
  • Movement Prep is rocking my running world right now.
  • I am doing something tomorrow I said I would never do again.  Why don't I ever listen to the people who say "Never say never?"
  • I have definitely been in the mood to buy something lately.
  • My lips are so dry they are burning as if they were on fire, yet I still will not get up and get a drink of water. 
  • I am in love with the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera.  Seriously, it's really good.
  • I could drink only lattes all day long.
  • For some reason, my second TRX workout of the week keeps getting neglected.  It's like the second child...poor kid.
  • I am constantly amazed at how the moods of my children can so directly affect my own mood.  I'm not so sure that is a good thing.
...and some business:

  • Don't forget to enter my RoadID Giveaway.  You know you need one!
  • I have so many giveaways and reviews for you guys, I don't know what to do!!  What would you rather have:  a giveaway a week or a week of giveaways?
  • Check out these great bumper stickers I was able to make at  They are of my tri club's (CNY Triathlon Club) logo. BuildASign has all kinds of different products that you can customize and design right on their website.  Need a banner, bumper sticker, decal, sign...this is the place for you!

Once again, I am up and plugged in way past my bedtime.  So I'm off to bed.  Pray for me tomorrow.  Really. 


  1. I NEED to try that Thai Salad, I just heard about it, I'm sure I will be in love too :D

    I'm not sure what you're doing tomorrow, but I'm praying and Good Luck!!

  2. I love the bumper stickers. Great design!

  3. still laughing about the waves and whales. hilarious!

  4. I laughed out loud about your description of water aerobics!

    I love the Thai Choppped Chicken salad at Panera.

  5. Oh man, water aerobics. My biggest 8 hour workout before IM Louisville was interrupted by water aerobics (at least the swim). I was super irritated because they wouldn't leave us ONE lane!

  6. I love Panera anything... :)

    And I totally understand the annoyance of the water aerobics. They take out all of the lap lanes at our pool for it... so frustrating!

  7. Sounds like you got some open water swim practice in at the pool!


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