Friday, February 25, 2011

Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week: Big News!

Well, it seems my effort to countdown to spring has been thwarted.  It snows yet again here in Syracuse, New York!!
Taken this morning at 9:51.  I know. They are all starting to look the same, right?
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Today all I'm giving away is a free blog post...hope that is enough for all of you! :)

This week has been Ryan's winter break week. Unfortunately, I had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but yesterday schedule was clear as a bell, so I took the boys over to the Skaneateles YMCA for a day of ice skating and swimming.

The ice rink wasn't too crowded when we got there.  This was Noah's first time ever ice skating, and I was kind of nervous, because I would not call myself a great skater by any stretch.  I think I can probably count on two hands the number of times I have ice skated in my life.  It's not an activity you do often when you grow up in Orlando, Florida.

We laced up the skates and off we went.  Ryan went on ahead, shuffling back and forth with a smile on his face.  Every so often he would scan the rink for me and Noah and give a little wave.  Me and Noah made it very slowly around the rink once, and then decided to wait at the entrance for one of the walker contraptions that seemed like an excellent idea.  After a few minutes, someone gave one up and off we went again, this time with much more confidence.  Noah held on to the front bar and I held on tightly to the side bars and we glided along.  Then I realized that Ryan could push Noah along and I could skate along side of them.  After that we had a great time.  No falls for me, thank God!  After about an hour we were pooped and headed out for some lunch.

After lunch we returned for an afternoon of swimming in the huge swim complex.  We had to wait a little while before we were allowed in because the pool was "at capacity."  That tells you what the noise level was like in there. I couldn't even hear myself think.  There were so many kids running around that place.  The irony was in the competition pool, there were 6 beautifully empty lap lanes that I could only look at with longing while my feet dangled in the uncomfortably warm water of the splash pool.  The highlight of the afternoon was when Ryan decided he wanted to go down the big slide.  He went to stand in line, but then the lifeguard told him he was too short to go down UNLESS he passed the deep end test.  The test is one length of the competition pool (25 yards) using your arms out of the water (not doggy paddling) without holding onto the wall at all.  He had to wait in line while 2 other kids did the test (one passed, one did not), and I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or him!  When it was his turn, he jumped right in and motored right down to the end of the pool!  I so wished I had had my camera to get a video of it.  I was very proud.  Then he went down the slide one time and played in the splash pool the rest of the afternoon!

There was a tense moment when Ryan got in a little argument with another kid over some diving rings.  I pulled Ryan out and told him that he had to share.  He said the other kid was teasing him, so I said just stay away from him.  He got in the pool and, of course, went right over to the kid.  I decided to watch a bit before I did anything.  The other kid throws the rings and then grabs them really quick so Ryan can't get them.  There seemed to be another little girl in on it as well.  Then he did the same thing 2 more times.  Of course Ryan was beside himself.  I look around and see no parent attached to this kid, so I went in and told the kid to lay off.  It made me so mad to see another kid teasing Ryan, and Ryan is the kind of kid that will not let things go.  He is incapable of "just staying away."  I just told the other kid teasing wasn't nice and to leave Ryan alone.  I think I scared him, because after that I didn't see him anymore.

Another thing I noticed at the pool was there were a lot of overweight kids.  And not just sort of the awkward "chubby years" most of us go through around the ages of 11-14 or so.  No, these were little kids that were really overweight.  I started watching to see what the parents of these kids were like, and 100% of them were very overweight as well.  It made me feel very sad for these kids that their parents are taking them down this road.  I mean, kids will eat what you get for them.  And let me just say that our kids eat treats and junk every now and then.  They had candy at Valentine's Day and have a cookie at the grocery store.  They eat french fries when we go out to eat and could practically live on grilled cheese, BUT they know the difference between healthy food and junk food.  We talk about it a lot at our house.  I so wish parents could see how important this is.

Okay, enough preaching.  Now onto the BIG NEWS!!

Oh, yeah!! We have a new addition in the Covert household.  My new Kestrel came a day early and was waiting for me on my doorstep when we returned!  She will be off to be built next week, so this is just a little sneak peek at the beauty to come! I'm working on a name.  I really thought this bike was going to be a boy, but when I pulled her out of the box this morning, I realized that no boy should ever be this beautiful!

Have a great weekend.


  1. so.freaking.jealous. I wish I had that much snow.
    the bike Kelly...the bike. SWEEET :D
    I gotta go enter your gA's now, it's been a busy week and I have not had a chance!

  2. Okay, that is an awesome bike. I am so jealous of all these new bike pix. I just have to remember that my time will come. Hopefully it will be 2012!

  3. I love the bike! :)

    Made me so sad to read about the boys at the pool. Kids can be so mean!! :(

  4. Two things:
    1) Bike: Love it! Not too much longer before I can go shopping for mine...can't wait!
    2) Like your boys, mine luckily knows the difference between healthy and "sometimes" foods. He ratted out my mom saying that she gives him too many "sometimes" foods. I asked her about it, so now she's making a better effort...I think.

  5. Have fun digging out...again. We were supposed to get 4" here and when I went out at ten there was 7" already. It isn't supposed to stop until tonight either. Enjoy the bike. I can't wait to find out her name.

  6. First I was blinded by your snow pic (we got more last night too) and now by your gorgeous new wheels! Beautiful! Happy riding!

  7. That picture is so beautiful! Your bike is so beautiful too! I'm so jealous!

    It sounds like you had quite the adventure at the splash pool! Good for you for going up to that boy! Maybe he'll think twice about doing anything like that again.

  8. So, was the big news your son being able to swim an length or getting the bike? :)

    That bike is so beautiful! Now I know what I want. :)

    It is always sad to see overweight kids because you know they don't really know better, and really don't have a choice about what they eat. I went on a feild trip with my daughter once where they served chicken fingers, and I heard one of the little (7-8 years old) girls say she had 10 of them! I think I had 3 or maybe 4. These weren't chicken nugget size, they were good sized chicken fingers. That just made me sad.

  9. I completely agree with you on the overweight children issue. I'm at the point where I have to turn my mind away when I see people who are very noticeably overweight. I mean, who's to say it's not a genetic problem or something. But it saddens me to know that the majority of them are 100% preventable with a bit of will power, food knowledge, and a small hope of caring about your body (and future). I could rant along with you for hours!!

    Super congrats to Ryan!

    And I can't wait to see the bike put together!!

  10. Love the bike Kelly! We are all going to look so cool on our matching rides. Might be a little confusion at Cedar Point when we all hit transition!!!

    Good for Ryan on smashing that swim test!

  11. The short Trakkers ladies will be on the Kestrel Airfoil, so at least we are mixing it up a bit. I always feel for kids getting picked on, but agree sometimes we have to sit back a bit. My older one seems to stick up for the younger one now, which is nice. I agree that so many children are predisposed for obesity because of bad habits. I think there are genetics at play in some instances, but that we could do so much more as a society to help children make healthy choices.

  12. That is a SWEET bike. I'd be knocking down the bike shop door.

    And for the recordI am SO done with CNY winter.


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