Monday, February 28, 2011

My 30-Day Primal Experiment

If you have been following my blog for a while, you know I am one of those people who struggles with those last few pounds.  You know the ones...they are not the pounds that anybody else knows about, they are your secret pounds...the ones the if you lose them will make you go faster and help your abs that you know are in there shine through!  I have had those pounds for about 3 years now, and starting tomorrow I'm trying a new "experiment" to shed them once and for all.

My goal:  to eat healthy in a way that will sustain my training and maximize my body composition potential.  Oh, yeah!!

I've decided that this month I will eat primarily Primal.  Primal is a lot like Paleo, but it seems to be a little less dogmatic, which is to my liking.  When I start having a long list of rules, I just start breaking them.  I will still be using my normal First Endurance training fuel for during and after workout sessions to optimize my training at the same time.  The reason I have decided to embark on this experiment is two-fold:

  1. I love a good challenge.  I feel like I always rise when the gauntlet has been lowered, so to speak.
  2. I would say that I eat 85% Primal already, so I don't think this will be overly hard for me to do.  I also have a feeling that this style of eating will suit my body's needs and am interested to see what will happen if I really commit whole-heartedly to it.
I went back and forth as to whether or not I would even talk about this on the blog for many reasons not limited to the fact that most people would tell me I don't really need to lose any weight.  If I were a normal person, I would probably agree, but deep down I know there is better for me.  I will be posting my actual weight (!) tomorrow and will have a weekly update.  My goal is to not just lose weight, but to move towards a leaner overall body composition.  I am going to try to see if I can get my body fat measured on Thursday or Friday and will track that as well.  I do want to say that everyone is different, and what might work for me may not be the best choice for you.  I think if we are eating whole foods that don't come in a box, usually we are making pretty darn good choices.  I'm just refining this a little for the next month (or more...)

I'd love to hear thoughts and comments from anyone who has tried going primal and also your thoughts on this kind of experiment.  Here's to a great and interesting month!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sunday Report

Ahh...I'm sitting next to the fire with my legs in my new Recovery Pump, thanks, once again, to my AWESOME sponsor Team Trakkers!!  Seriously, I may not be as fast as a pro, but I sure do feel like I get treated like one!! (I will add that I am "recovering" from my brutal 45 minute pool run.)

Anyway, this was a recovery week, and recover I did.  Do you know that feeling that you get at the start of something new, you know, like the beginning of the year when you are all fired up to make resolutions and institute big changes in your life?  That is the way I feel this week.  My body definitely needed the break, and now I ready to forge ahead.

I have been contemplating doing an experiment of sorts for the month of March.  I have one more day to decide, but I am 95% sure I will go ahead and try a 30-day Paleo Diet experiment.  I will definitely post more about this tomorrow, but I am already starting to get really excited about the prospect of a good old-fashioned challenge!  Sometimes I just need a little kick in the pants to get where I need to be.

Here are the numbers - don't forget it was a RECOVERY WEEK!

Swim:  30m 1400 yds
Bike:  2h 17m 2s 30.40 mi
Aqua Jog: 1h 15m 1:15:00
Movement Prep:  6m

Total:  4h 8m 2s

This was the perfect week for a recovery week because I had a big concert on Wednesday night, and then the boys were both home for break on Thursday and Friday.  I also had to work all day on Saturday, so it was nice to not have the stress of figuring out when the workouts were going to get done.  Coach Mary made fun of me for logging my 6 minutes of Movement Prep into Training Peaks, but I told her I needed every minute I can get!  Also, I think MP is SO IMPORTANT!!  I'm actually working on a weekly functional strength schedule right now to address some of my imbalances.  I'll keep you posted on that too!

Still no running for me.  I'm headed to the ortho on Thursday, so I will be very interested to hear what he has to say.  I'm feeling very hopeful now that I have just decided to do whatever it takes to get better.  Please say a prayer for me that it will resolve relatively quickly with proactive rehab on my part.

Have a wonderful week and happy training!

Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week WINNERS!!

Well, it snowed again last night, but, gosh darnit, we are still closer to spring than we were last Sunday!!  Free stuff always helps, right?

Of course it does!  Here are the lucky winners for the Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week Prizes:

CSN Stores Giftcard:

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week: Big News!

Well, it seems my effort to countdown to spring has been thwarted.  It snows yet again here in Syracuse, New York!!
Taken this morning at 9:51.  I know. They are all starting to look the same, right?
Welcome to all of the new followers that have joined the club this week!  If you haven't checked out all the giveaways from the week, make sure to go back and enter!

Running Food Chia Giveaway
SPIbelt Giveaway
Everyday Endurance Giveaway
CSN Gift Card Giveaway

Today all I'm giving away is a free blog post...hope that is enough for all of you! :)

This week has been Ryan's winter break week. Unfortunately, I had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but yesterday schedule was clear as a bell, so I took the boys over to the Skaneateles YMCA for a day of ice skating and swimming.

The ice rink wasn't too crowded when we got there.  This was Noah's first time ever ice skating, and I was kind of nervous, because I would not call myself a great skater by any stretch.  I think I can probably count on two hands the number of times I have ice skated in my life.  It's not an activity you do often when you grow up in Orlando, Florida.

We laced up the skates and off we went.  Ryan went on ahead, shuffling back and forth with a smile on his face.  Every so often he would scan the rink for me and Noah and give a little wave.  Me and Noah made it very slowly around the rink once, and then decided to wait at the entrance for one of the walker contraptions that seemed like an excellent idea.  After a few minutes, someone gave one up and off we went again, this time with much more confidence.  Noah held on to the front bar and I held on tightly to the side bars and we glided along.  Then I realized that Ryan could push Noah along and I could skate along side of them.  After that we had a great time.  No falls for me, thank God!  After about an hour we were pooped and headed out for some lunch.

After lunch we returned for an afternoon of swimming in the huge swim complex.  We had to wait a little while before we were allowed in because the pool was "at capacity."  That tells you what the noise level was like in there. I couldn't even hear myself think.  There were so many kids running around that place.  The irony was in the competition pool, there were 6 beautifully empty lap lanes that I could only look at with longing while my feet dangled in the uncomfortably warm water of the splash pool.  The highlight of the afternoon was when Ryan decided he wanted to go down the big slide.  He went to stand in line, but then the lifeguard told him he was too short to go down UNLESS he passed the deep end test.  The test is one length of the competition pool (25 yards) using your arms out of the water (not doggy paddling) without holding onto the wall at all.  He had to wait in line while 2 other kids did the test (one passed, one did not), and I'm not sure who was more nervous, me or him!  When it was his turn, he jumped right in and motored right down to the end of the pool!  I so wished I had had my camera to get a video of it.  I was very proud.  Then he went down the slide one time and played in the splash pool the rest of the afternoon!

There was a tense moment when Ryan got in a little argument with another kid over some diving rings.  I pulled Ryan out and told him that he had to share.  He said the other kid was teasing him, so I said just stay away from him.  He got in the pool and, of course, went right over to the kid.  I decided to watch a bit before I did anything.  The other kid throws the rings and then grabs them really quick so Ryan can't get them.  There seemed to be another little girl in on it as well.  Then he did the same thing 2 more times.  Of course Ryan was beside himself.  I look around and see no parent attached to this kid, so I went in and told the kid to lay off.  It made me so mad to see another kid teasing Ryan, and Ryan is the kind of kid that will not let things go.  He is incapable of "just staying away."  I just told the other kid teasing wasn't nice and to leave Ryan alone.  I think I scared him, because after that I didn't see him anymore.

Another thing I noticed at the pool was there were a lot of overweight kids.  And not just sort of the awkward "chubby years" most of us go through around the ages of 11-14 or so.  No, these were little kids that were really overweight.  I started watching to see what the parents of these kids were like, and 100% of them were very overweight as well.  It made me feel very sad for these kids that their parents are taking them down this road.  I mean, kids will eat what you get for them.  And let me just say that our kids eat treats and junk every now and then.  They had candy at Valentine's Day and have a cookie at the grocery store.  They eat french fries when we go out to eat and could practically live on grilled cheese, BUT they know the difference between healthy food and junk food.  We talk about it a lot at our house.  I so wish parents could see how important this is.

Okay, enough preaching.  Now onto the BIG NEWS!!

Oh, yeah!! We have a new addition in the Covert household.  My new Kestrel came a day early and was waiting for me on my doorstep when we returned!  She will be off to be built next week, so this is just a little sneak peek at the beauty to come! I'm working on a name.  I really thought this bike was going to be a boy, but when I pulled her out of the box this morning, I realized that no boy should ever be this beautiful!

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week: SPIbelt

23 days!!  Seriously, that is nothing!  Spring is upon us, people!  We might as well pull out the flip-flops today!

Now a confession.

I have been sitting on top of this giveaway for quite a while.  The whole problem was this review and giveaway required me to actually run, something that I have not been doing a lot of.  AND when I have been running it has been mostly on a treadmill because, let's face it, when you are only going to run 20 or 30 minutes, it's hard to justify spending at least that much time getting dressed to go out in this:

Beautiful, yes.  Warm, not even close.  (By the way, there is a street in this picture under all the snow.)

So the other day, before I downgraded myself to pool running again (must heal my achilles heel once and for all), I had a "long run" of 40 whole minutes! CRAZY!  So I was finally able to test out my SPIbelt.

I didn't really need any nutrition for my 40 minute run, but I loaded the SPIbelt up with my Droid Incredible (a bit bigger than an iphone, I believe) and went.

I got the water resistant SPIbelt, so I wasn't worried about my phone getting snowed on. (SPIbelt also has a fully waterproof LOK SAK that you can put your stuff in if you are running in a deluge...or the pool.)  This is what it looked like all zipped up.

For me the hallmark of a good belt, whether it be for hydration or nutrition or personal belongings, is that I don't notice it, and the SPIbelt passed the test with flying colors!  It did not ride up or bounce, and I ran my whole 40 minutes without even thinking about it!  Perfect!

I would highly recommend a belt like this if you are running alone and need to take a cell phone.  Even when you stick it in a pocket, it just bounces around to much.  I've tried the stick it down the sports bra trick, but then it gets all sweaty and that's no good. This belt would also be great to hold gels or blocks.  I bet you could easily fit 4-5 gels or a couple packs of blocks in there with your phone.  Now if you are the type who likes pb&j for fueling, I would advise against that in this case.

So because spring will mean longer outdoor runs (hopefully for me), I am happily giving away a gift certificate for a SPIbelt of your choice. There are lots of different styles and designs to choose from.

Here's how to enter.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry.

1.  Become a follow of this blog (mandatory).  Please leave a comment.
2.  Check out the Spibelt website, and leave a comment letting me know which Spibelt you would choose and what you would put inside of it (mandatory).

For bonus entries:
3.  Follow SPIbelt on Twitter (@SPIbelt). Please leave a comment.
4.  Like SPIbelt on Facebook.  Kindly leave a comment.
5.  Tweet or facebook about this giveaway and let me know by leaving another comment.

I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday, February 26.  Good luck!!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week: Running Food Chia

Is it spring yet?  No, but, my lovely bloggy friends, we are one day closer today, and we are CELEBRATING with another giveaway from RunningFood!  My last Running Food giveaway was so wildly popular, Amy from Running Food wanted to do another one.  Lucky you!!

Now, if you haven't tried chia seed yet, you are missing out!  I have become a regular chia seed user.  I put a couple of tablespoons into my daily green smoothie.  If I have some yogurt, I'll sprinkle a little on top. I also have the Running Food smoothie mixes which are a great pre-training drink mixed with a little water.

There are a lot of benefits to chia.  The main reason I am a regular chia-user is to load up on Omega-3s.  Chia is full of them.  As Americans, our diets are usually loaded with Omega-6 fats, so it is really important to balance that out with Omega-3s.  This is great for recovery, and for the joints.  It keeps everything running smoothly and well-lubricated, so you can stay healthy for your next race.  Chia also holds 7 times its weight in water, so it is a great way to up your hydration levels for long training sessions.  You can read more about the benefits of chia here.

So Running Food is giving away one of its Running Food Chia Survival Kits.

It includes:

  • Chocolate or Vanilla Chia Smoothie
  • Chia Oil Softgels
  • 6 On-the-Go packets of Chia
  • 1-lb bag of Micro-milled Chia 
  • 12 oz. shaker jar of Chia
  • Running Food T-Shirt
That's a whole lotta chia!!

Here's how to enter.  Please leave a separate comment for each entry:

1.  Become a follower of this blog (mandatory).  Please leave a comment.
2.  Visit the Running Food website and leave a comment telling me one thing you learned about chia (mandatory).  

Bonus Entries (please leave a separate comment for each bonus entry):
3.  Follow Running Food on Twitter (@RunningFood).
4.  Like Running Food on Facebook.
5.  Tweet or facebook about this giveaway.

I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday, February 26.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week: Everyday Endurance

Are you ready for spring yet??  I am.

So I'm giving away lots of good stuff!!

I can't remember if Everyday Endurance found me or I found them, but let me tell you, I am in LOVE!  They have an excellent line of casual running and triathlon related shirts.  John and Joseph, the owners and operators of, are both endurance athletes, so they know what people like us look for in casual and workout clothing.  They are going to be racing in October at Rev3Tri South Carolina, so I am looking forward to meeting them in person!

Anyway, they sent me a great package with shirts for both me and Kel to try.  Kel is always happy for more shirts, and the clever designs and great fit just added to the overall quality of these shirts.

This shirt is a tech material shirt.  

I got this design also in a tech shirt.

Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE women's cut shirts?
We each received 1 technical t-shirt, 1 cotton short sleeve, and 1 cotton long sleeve.  My personal favorite was the shirt with the person on the bike being chased by the dogs.  It reminded me of some of my adventures I have had with dogs...  The fits were great, although Kel commented that the long sleeve shirt was a bit long for him although it fit everywhere else.  I thought the sizes were true to size.  I usually wear a medium in women's cut shirts and these were perfect.

We have both received quite a few compliments at the gym as well, which is always nice, if you ask me.

So Joseph at has kindly offered to put a little spring into your step by giving away a $100 gift certificate to Everyday Endurance.  Here's how you enter.  Please leave a comment for each entry.

1.  Become a follower of this blog (mandatory).  Please leave a comment.
2.  Head over to and tell me which shirt(s) you like best (mandatory).  Kindly leave a comment.

Extra entries:
3.  Follow EverdayEndurance on Twitter (@EEndurance). Leave a comment.
4.  Like EverydayEndurance on Facebook.  Don't forget to leave a comment, please!
5.  Tweet or facebook about this giveaway.  Please leave a comment.

I will choose a winner on Saturday, February 26.  Good luck!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Countdown to Spring Giveaway Week: CSN Stores Gift Card

Let me share a few pictures of this winter with you.

 This is just at the end of my street.

Windy snowy day.

Ready for a picnic?

There are some upsides to lots of snow.

And some downsides...this is our gutter...not attached to our house.

Umm...can you say cabin fever?

We have had snow upon snow upon snow.  On Friday, we had a freak warm-up - all the way up to 60 degrees, so everyone was walking around outside with no jackets, riding in the car with the windows rolled down, getting their cars washed, and avoiding the drip-drop of melting snow.  Yesterday, it was 20 with crazy winds and snow and some white-out conditions.  

Yep, winter is still going strong.

BUT, the countdown to spring has begun.  I can almost feel the days of walking to the playground in flip-flops to let the boys frolic on the swing set, and to celebrate I am doing an entire week of giveaways here at Trimommylife!!


The first giveaway is a $45 gift certificate to CSN Stores.  You can use it at any of their online shops.  If it were me, I would surely get something that screams spring, like a bright handbag or some new sandals, because, let's face it, you can never have too many sandals or handbags, right?  

Here's what you do to enter.  Please leave ONE comment for EACH entry.

1.  Become a follower of this blog.  Please leave a comment.
2.  Tell me what is your favorite part of spring in a separate comment.
3.  Follow me on twitter (@TrimommyKelly).  Leave a comment, please.
4.  Tweet or facebook about this giveaway. Kindly leave a comment.

I will randomly choose a winner on Saturday, February 26.  Good luck and bring on spring!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Sunday Report

First let me say thank you to all of you who commented on my last post.  I seem to have struck a chord among all of you, and it is certainly comforting to know I'm not the only one that deals with this!  I loved the comment about finding perfection in our imperfection.  You guys are so wise!!

I am pretty proud of this week's training.  I have had a lot going on, but was still able to hit my workouts.  I did cheat 10 minutes out of one TRX session, but since I've been adding in movement prep, I feel like I kind of made up for it.  I was even able to squeeze in an hour of yoga yesterday.

Speaking of yoga, one of my blog friends, Debbie, who is a yoga instructor in the Adirondacks and also a triathlete, is hosting a 21-day yoga e-course called Unstuck. This is the description she put up on her blog about it:

Take this e-course if you want to:

~start (or jump-start) an oh-so-good feeling home yoga practice
 ~meditate daily to improve focus and find your inner calm.
~climb out of your exercise rut.
~discover what motivates you to get on your mat.~get moving!

Sounds good right?  I'm really considering jumping in on this course.  I've been wanting to do more yoga at home, but have a hard time motivating myself to get on the mat.  I thought about joining my twitter friend @TriShaman in a similar program called Blissology last month, but it was a little to time-intensive for me right now.  Unstuck, on the other hand, seems as though it could be doable.  I asked Debbie how long the daily asanas are, and she said they are about 30 minutes.  Hmmm...something to think about.  Here's a link if you want to check it out.  I'd love to hear from anyone who did something like this...did you feel you got a lot from it?

Anyway, here are the numbers:

(A): 10:39:34
Swim:  2h 3m 6000 yds
Bike:  4h 50m 34s 65.52 mi
Run: 25m  2.40 mi
Aqua-Jogging:  1h 25m
TRX/Movement Prep/Yoga: 1h 56m

Total:  10h 39m 34s

Did any of you get a chance to catch some of the Rev3Tri Costa Rica coverage on the Rev3Tri website?  I watched a little bit yesterday and some this morning as well.  Even if you missed a bit, they have a whole bunch of great videos up there.  I love watching the pro starts.  You can just sense the nervous energy and pent-up excitement coming out of their fingertips.  Kel and I are already considering heading down next year.

Well, Sunday is only half over, and I have to get ready for a Dolce Flutes concert this afternoon.  Have a great week!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Perfect Mess

This week I had a very interesting discussion with a couple of very different people (who don't know each other) about perfection.

First, though, let me tell you something about me.  I am a classic over-achiever.

Shocking, I'm sure.

I made straight A's in high school and graduated from undergrad with a 3.92.  I was the kid who would be upset with a 95 instead of a 100. Seriously.  I remember a few times arguing with a teacher over those points that kept me from an A+.  The hardest part about this, was that I was (and still am) aware enough to realize how geeky that was, yet I still couldn't help myself.

As an adult, I see this classic trait in many areas of my life. In general, I don't think being an overachiever is necessarily a bad thing, but when the striving for perfection is coupled with a heavy dose of self-induced guilt, the only thing that follows is a perfect mess.

Let's take my nutrition, as an example.  I have been trying to lose a bit of my winter layer for the upcoming season.  I know exactly what I need to do, but in an effort to be "perfect" I tend to sabotage myself.  When I have "messed up", I toss the whole day out as ruined.  I ignore the fact that, most likely, I have eaten 90-95% clean, and focus entirely on the 5-10% "bad."  If I can't have 100%, I would rather have nothing, in most cases it seems.  Instead of enjoying a treat or a guilty pleasure, I rail myself about it and usually end up eating more bad stuff because the day has already been "ruined."  Now I completely realize this doesn't make ANY sense, and that is exactly what is so frustrating about the whole thing.

I sent Coach Mary an email the other day and mentioned that I had been inspired by one of her recent team emails where she shared with us about her own training trials and triumphs.  I told her that sometimes I think I might just not "want it badly enough."  If I did, why can't I just buckle down and get the job done?

She wrote back with this reply:

"I do know that you get very critical of Kelly. Kelly won't be perfect 100% of the time, neither is Mary. I took perfection off the table a long time ago. Everything that you need to achieve your goals is inside of you. You don't need to become stronger, fitter, faster, per se, because you are all of those things. Those qualities are within you. You just need to peel back the layers and allow them to surface sister."

Afterwards, I asked Coach to send me her therapy bill...

But really, take perfection off the table?  What if 90% was good enough?  What if I was okay with an A- or even a B+?  Does that mean I am settling?  Does that mean I'm not giving my best?  Absolutely not!  What it means is that there will be days (or weeks or months or years) that I give everything I have and it will not be perfect and that is okay.  Since when did giving it your all mean being perfect?

Mark and I had a similar conversation the other day, and he kindly reminded me that only one person was ever perfect (that would be Jesus), and he did not have kids.  Just sayin'...

The other person I spoke with about perfection in a different light was the counselor we take Ryan to.  I mentioned to her that he is very much a perfectionist and that leads to quite a bit of anxiety for him.  Hmmm...sound familiar?  I asked her how, as a perfectionist myself, I can help him?  I think in many ways, I drive him to this because of my own nature, and, of course, that makes me feel guilty because I am not being the perfect mother if I am doing this.  

Slap some sense into me, pretty please.

Do you want to know what she said to me?  This trained clinical social worker who has worked with countless clients, has years of expertise in dealing with special-needs kids and their parents.  She told me, and I quote: "You need to lighten up."

Why do I put so much pressure on myself to be the perfect everything?  Who really cares besides me?  Do I do it because I want other people to think I'm perfect?  The answer to that question is absolutely no.  I quit caring a long time ago about that.  I'm sure that this drive is part of my nature.  BUT, I can tame this beast called perfection.  God did not call me to be perfect.  From the beginning of days, He knew perfection was off the table, yet He still loves me.

The real question is, when will I start loving myself even if I am not an A+?

Monday, February 14, 2011

In an effort to be positive

It was 45 degrees here this morning.  Of course it was snowing by 5 p.m., but it was definitely warm this morning.

I only had to work for 20 minutes today.  Of course, that was because the school nurse called me 20 minutes after I had begun teaching.  Of course, I was in Ithaca, about 1.5 hours away from Ryan's school, and Kel had an appointment, so even though he was able to pick up Ryan from school, I still had to pack up and leave.  So I drove 3 hours for 20 minutes of work.

Ryan is okay.  It was just allergies.  Of course, now we have to do nebulizer treatments in the morning until he doesn't sound like a frog anymore.

It's Valentine's Day.  Of course, my ever-practical husband, whom I love dearly, didn't get me anything, not even a card, because, and I quote, "You didn't tell me you were getting me anything."

He did bring home a chocolate cake for everyone.  Of course, this was on a day that I had eaten so beautifully clean.  How can I say no to chocolate cake my husband surprises us with on a Valentine's Day?  I mean, it was basically my only gift.  I ate two pieces and they were delicious.  I do not feel guilty.

Tomorrow is a new day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Sunday Report


Very tired.


Swim:  2h 20m 6900 yds
Bike:  4h 9m 30s trainer
Run:  1h 45m 2.10 mi - 1h 20m was aqua-jogging because of my uncooperative feet
TRX/Movement Prep:  35m

Total:  8h 49m 31s



Next week.

Happy training!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Late Night Thoughts

I spent all day in Ithaca today listening to flute auditions and then grading an evening recital.  It is now 11:30, and I just got home, but am too wired from my drive to go to bed even though I am absolutely exhausted.  I know if I go straight to bed I will just lie there for half an hour or so before I can actually fall asleep.  So instead, I will process some thoughts from the day here on the blog and THEN I will go to sleep.

  • For some reason I have been thinking a lot lately about the things I love.  One of them is when I see a man, any man, holding a small child.
  • Thinking about the things I love leads me to think about the things that drive me crazy, like the ladies in the pool who don't want to get their hair wet.  Really?  You are in a pool...of water...that is likely to get you wet when you get in it.  Don't want to get wet?  Don't get in the pool.
  • Both of these lists will eventually become posts in their own rights, if I ever get around to it. In the meantime, though, I am enjoying the thinking.  I'm not really sure which list is more entertaining to me...
  • Starting tomorrow, yes in just a few short hours, I have got to do something major about the nutrition hole I fell into this week.  (Read about Chapter 3 here.)  I haven't decided what it will be or if I will share on the blog.  Part of me just wants to do it without making a big deal about it.  The other part of me wants to put it out there for accountability.  Still deciding.
  • I aqua-jogged for 50 minutes straight today.  I think that counts as impressive.  Especially when I think about it at 11:37 p.m.
  • I sometimes like to think about the days when I stayed up late on the weekends and did crazy things, but the fact of the matter is, I was never really that crazy.  I never really stayed up that late, and when I did I was really, really tired.  Sometimes I wish I had a little more crazy in me.
  • Some of my flute students tried to convince me to go to Zumba with them.  Yeah...I don't do Zumba.  In my defense, I have tried it once, so don't say, "you should just try'll love it."  No.  I get embarrassed watching other people do Zumba.  No Zumba for this trimommy, thank you very much.
  • I counted this morning only 5 weeks left until the first day of spring.  Hope springs eternal...
  • I'm in the mood for a very long run...if only my feet would cooperate with that.
  • If I had a bottle of wine right now, I would definitely have a glass, but then I would stay up even later.  However, my thoughts my be even more interesting than they are right now.
That is all.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Trimommy Zen

Wisdom comes in many different forms, and I think it is very important to take what we learn from wherever it comes.

Sometimes it comes from a friend, sometimes it comes from a mentor, sometimes is comes from a book...and sometimes it comes from a podcast. 


The other day I was listening to Coach Brett at Zen and the Art of Triathlon.  If you have never listened to Brett's podcast, you should give it a shot.  I really like it a lot, but my husband is not a big fan.  To each his own, right?  Anyway, I find it to be very entertaining and informative on my long commutes.  I would describe it as mostly triathlon training with a little bit of Zen mixed in here and there.  (For those of you who are not familiar with Zen, defines it as a "Buddhist movement emphasizing enlightenment by meditation and direct, intuitive insight.")

I find Zen to be very interesting.  As a Christian, I see a lot of people that seem to shy away from anything that is not strictly "Christian," so to speak, but I believe that there are basic spiritual principles in place that anyone can learn and benefit from.  I think the concept of "intuitive insight" makes a lot of sense.  From what I have learned (mostly from Zen and the Art of Triathlon - so that makes it very official), Zen is about recognizing where you are in the moment without judgement and with acceptance and moving forward from there.  As far as attaining enlightenment, I'm not so sure that ever really happens in this life, but that is another conversation...

Anyway, I was listening to the podcast, and there was this little clip of some Zen master 
speaking, and he shared this:

Autobiography in Five Short Chapters
Chapter 1
I walk down the street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I fall in.
I am lost ... I am helpless.
It isn't my fault.
It takes forever to find a way out.
Chapter 2
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I pretend I don't see it.
I fall in again.
I can't believe I am in the same place.
But it isn't my fault.
It still takes a long time to get out.
Chapter 3
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I see it is there.
I still fall in ... it's a habit.
My eyes are open.
I know where I am.
It is my fault.
I get out immediately.
Chapter 4
I walk down the same street.
There is a deep hole in the sidewalk.
I walk around it.
Chapter 5
I walk down another street. 

~ Portia Nelson ~ 
(There's a Hole in My Sidewalk)

This really struck a chord with me.  It is so simple and so brilliant at the same time.  It made me realize too, that the many facets of our lives move at different speeds.  I might be in chapter 5 in one area of my life, but may still be stuck in Chapter 3 in another (or many...).  It kind of reminded me of Romans 12:2:  "Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind."

I told this to Kel, and he looked at me like I was crazy.  I guess he's not a big fan of metaphors.  But it really stuck with me, and the more I think about it, the more I find myself thinking of ways to move forward in these areas I struggle.  It is really a mental battle.  

So, what is the point of this post?  Actually, I'm not really sure.  I just wanted to put this out there to see what you guys thought.  Do you see yourself in this short autobiography?  Do you learn from many ways of life?  

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

RoadID Giveaway Winner

Time got away from me a little, so my RoadID giveaway was extended by a few days!  But, better late than never the winner is....

Taryn, from My Life and Running.

My Life and Running said...

I'd put "Believe" on my ID. Because on this IM journey I'm imagining there are going to be some days when I'll need a reminder...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Sunday Report

Another week is gone.  This was another toughie, mostly because of the crazy weather we have been having in Syracuse.  On Tuesday, it took me 2.5 hours to get to Ithaca - a drive that would normally take me 1.5 hours.  Tuesday night we were all prepared for the apocalypse.  Schools were cancelled or delayed (including Ithaca college which was delayed until 12) because of the ice.  I ventured out in Ithaca around 10...and the roads were fine.

Then last night I turned around after 15 miles because it was just too dangerous to be on the road.  I try really hard to not complain about the weather because complaining never helps it go away.  I live in a place that is going to get snow and a lot of it, so I try really hard to embrace it.  It's just when it starts to get in the way of regular and safe driving, I start to long for spring.  And when I say long, I mean counting down the days.  Of course, in Syracuse it could snow in May, so you never really know.

If you haven't read about our snowboarding adventures from yesterday click on over here.  The pictures alone are worth it.

My flute quartet, Dolce Flutes, was recently featured in a new publication called Syracuse Woman Magazine. You can read the article here on page 16.  Since I don't write too often at Trimommylife about my work as a flutist, I thought some of you might like to check it out.

And training.  Coach Mary keeps gently reminding me that I am currently training for an olympic distance race (Rev3Tri Quassy - don't miss out!), so it's okay that I'm not doing huge volumes of training right now.  I know this, but I still feel like I should be doing more.  Although, I say I want more, I still didn't hit 100% of my workouts, so maybe I should just shut my mouth and get the work I'm supposed to do done.  Hmmm...novel idea!

Here are the numbers:

(A): 9:11:04
Swim:  1h 44m 5300 yds
Bike:  5h 4m 57s 71.79 mi on the trainer
Run: 1h 32m 7s 9.43 mi mostly outside - I embrace winter...
TRX/Movement Prep: 50m

Total:  9h 11m 04s

Be sure to enter my RoadID Giveaway if you haven't already!  I will choose a winner tomorrow.  Also stay tuned this week for another review and giveaway.  Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

"We're Snowboarders Now!"

The big adventure of the day for the Coverts was a trip to Labrador Mountain for some snowboarding.  Kel and I have been talking for a while about getting the boys out on the slopes, since they've never been skiing before, and Noah has been talking nonstop about snowboarding, so we finally got out there today.

As it turns out, when we were checking Noah into ski school there were no snowboarding boots small enough for him, so he ended up with skis.  He seemed totally fine with this. Since he is only 4, he wasn't able to come with the rest of us for our lesson, which was a little disappointing, but actually turned out for the best I think.  Noah has a tendency to kind of play the baby card when I am around, and I think he probably did a lot better without me there.  Take a look at this video from when we went to pick him up at the end of his session.

I also got a couple of pics of him, and just love this one.  He looks like he is having so much fun!

In my post from yesterday I alluded to the fact that I have snowboarded once before and SWORE I would NEVER do it again.  Let's just say my first time left me more sore and more bruised than anything I have ever done by choice.

Umm...yeah, so you know what they say about never say never?

Ryan, Kel and I took a lesson together.  We actually had two instructors for the three of us which worked out great.  One of the instructors sort of focused on Ryan and the other helped me and Kel.  I'm proud to say I did much better this time, and, even though I will probably feel it a bit tomorrow, I didn't do any damage of any kind!  I might have even had a little bit of fun (all the while watching people on skis swoosh merrily down the mountain, while I was rolling around in the snow trying to get my butt to a standing position...but really, I was smiling most of the time!)

Ryan did great.  We were reluctant to put him in the kids-only ski school because of he can sometimes have severe reactions to being in new social situations.  I think we made a good choice, and after our lesson we were able to go watch the end of Noah's.  Next time I think Ryan would do okay in the kids ski school, now that he knows what to expect.  Check out this great video of him snowboarding.  He's a natural!

At the end of our lesson Ryan said, "We're snowboarders now!"  I think I'll stick to skiing.

Sorry, no videos of me, but here's one of Kel to enjoy!!

And a few more pics!

Ryan learning how to put on the snowboard (put on? clip in? bind up?...not sure of the lingo here.) 

 Ryan and Kel listening intently to the instructions.  
Our instructor looked like he was about 12, but he was actually quite good with Ryan. 

Sticking the tongue out is a proven concentration technique.

I was supposed to head over to Ithaca tonight to grade a recital.  I drove for about 15 miles in freezing rain and snow, passed 4 accidents in the 45 minutes it took me to drive 15 miles before I decided to turn around.  Turns out even some of my students who live right in Ithaca weren't able to make it because the roads were so bad.  I am so ready for spring!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

This and That

First some thoughts:

  • I had to swim today during water aerobics.  There is one lap lane and then the whole rest of the pool is taken up with large, chatty women in floaty belts and bathing suits with skirts kicking their little hearts out. It was like swimming in the ocean, waves and whales included.  I did not love it.
  • Movement Prep is rocking my running world right now.
  • I am doing something tomorrow I said I would never do again.  Why don't I ever listen to the people who say "Never say never?"
  • I have definitely been in the mood to buy something lately.
  • My lips are so dry they are burning as if they were on fire, yet I still will not get up and get a drink of water. 
  • I am in love with the Thai Chopped Chicken Salad from Panera.  Seriously, it's really good.
  • I could drink only lattes all day long.
  • For some reason, my second TRX workout of the week keeps getting neglected.  It's like the second child...poor kid.
  • I am constantly amazed at how the moods of my children can so directly affect my own mood.  I'm not so sure that is a good thing.
...and some business:

  • Don't forget to enter my RoadID Giveaway.  You know you need one!
  • I have so many giveaways and reviews for you guys, I don't know what to do!!  What would you rather have:  a giveaway a week or a week of giveaways?
  • Check out these great bumper stickers I was able to make at  They are of my tri club's (CNY Triathlon Club) logo. BuildASign has all kinds of different products that you can customize and design right on their website.  Need a banner, bumper sticker, decal, sign...this is the place for you!

Once again, I am up and plugged in way past my bedtime.  So I'm off to bed.  Pray for me tomorrow.  Really. 

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wonderful You Wednesday: Surround Yourself

I know it's not Wednesday, but I didn't think you would mind a Wonderful You Wednesday on Thursday.  Am I right?

About a week ago I received a mysterious package in the mail.  I don't know about you, but I pretty much know when I am supposed to get a package, so when I receive one without knowing what it is and who it's from, it is very exciting.

I opened it up to find a lovely handwritten note (we should all do more of this, I'm sure) and this little trinket:

It was from my very good friend, Sarah.  You might remember her from a past Wonderful You Wednesday post.  She owns a bead shop/candy store called Eat It or Bead It. The note explained what the trinket means.  The bottom charm says "Cereal Doesn't Equal Speed."  Just a little reminder that we can find other things to treat ourselves with after dinner!  The next bead up from that is a "beautifully human bead."  One side says "beautifully human" and the other side says "wonderfully made" as a simple reminder of both those things.  The note goes on to say:
Also notice that although colored, the bead is transparent, which is how God see's you and HE still loves EVERYTHING!  The inspirational charms of Journey and Adventure I pray put you in a place of thought that is hopeful and invigorating when you feel despair or get just plain tired of everyday trials.  And last but not least, you are a wonderful friend to me and are a living example of grace to me.

My friend so touched my heart with this simple gesture.  The trinket is now my key chain as a constant reminder of not only all that she told me, but also as a reminder that I need to surround myself with friends that build me up and support me, that make me laugh, and that love me for who I am. And likewise, I aspire to be a friend like that right back to them.

Surround yourself with people like this and even the darkest day can brighten.