Friday, January 21, 2011

Let the Craziness Begin

This is the last week before 15 weeks of craziness begins.  Of course, this week was pretty crazy too, just in a different kind of way.

Next week it's back to teaching at Ithaca College, except usually I just teach 1 or 2 days down there.  This semester I am covering for the full-time flute professor who is on sabbatical.  I will be teaching 3 full days, including one overnighter each week.  I've been a little bit stressed about how everything is going to work, and how I'm going to fit everything in.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities at Ithaca College, I will also be performing with the Ithaca Wind Quintet, and continuing performing with Dolce Flutes, my flute quartet.  In fact, Dolce Flutes has two upcoming concerts in the next month.  (You can like us on Facebook if you want updates.)

And of course, I am still coaching triathletes at my YMCA...oh, yeah, and trying to fit in my own training!

This is a big reason I decided to race the Rev3 Quassy Olympic instead of the half-iron distance in June.  Still, though, I am nervous about how it will all happen.  The interesting thing about this is that most of the triathletes I know and coach work full time and have families.  They seem to make it work.  I think I have been very spoiled with my line of work.  I can often get training done while I am "working" too. I guess I should think of this semester as a time to expand my understanding to triathletes that have what I would consider a "real job." (And let me just say to all of you mommies and daddies who stay home, your job is most definitely a "real job" in my book.  It takes so much energy and time in a very different way than working full time.  I want to give all of you props who do this!!)

I've already started to think of ways to manage my time a little bit better than I do now.  Here are some of them:

  • Get everything (gym bags, work bags, computer bags, flute bags, lunch bags...clearly I have too many bags) ready the night before...NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Plan a weekly menu and shop for that.  I go in phases with menu planning.  Lately, I've just been kind of winging it, but I have also had the luxury of being able to go to the grocery store a couple times a week to get whatever I have forgotten or didn't plan for.  I will not be able to make multiple trips anymore, so I must plan!
  • Schedule my training in my calendar.  I use Training Peaks for my training log, but I am usually fairly loose as to when during the day I get the workout done.  If I am not scheduling time (and that includes the time it takes to get to and from the gym, etc.) to get training done, it gets cut short. 
  • Stay on top of my nutrition.  I have noticed that when I eat junk it really affects me, not only physically, but also emotionally.  I can fall into a funk VERY easily if I am not eating the way I should.  This is going to play a huge part in my "training" during this busy time.
  • Remember to rest.  I am going to try to be very good about unplugging at 9 p.m. and going to bed.  I have a really bad habit of getting sucked into stuff online and then losing track of time and going to bed much later than I should.  I can't afford to be sleep-deprived.
I would love to hear what your strategies are for making sure your training gets done despite a crazy schedule.  I'll take any help I can get!!


  1. Check out Jessi Thompson's blog about her dinner club. We are going to start this here, too.

  2. Congrats on all of the fun things you have going on, too!

  3. You are a machine!!
    First thing I do when I get home from work is get all my stuff ready for the next day....every little thing. I put everything on my calendar-short of going to the restroom cause that just happens :). I haven't figured out how to go to the grocery store less than 2 times per week so let me know how that goes. You will ac this-when we're busier we can get more done...and if you need to scream a bit-just DO IT

  4. Yeah, uh, when you figure out how to manage your professional, home, and triathlon life, send me a message. I would love to know the secret.

    Rev3 Quassay. Looks like it's on like Donkey Kong homeslice. My money is on you. You are faster in the water, you know the course, and you will not blow up on the run like yours truly. Oh wait... Mary is going to make sure I don't blow up this year.

    You and Kelly (your husband, not your other personality) need to run Ragnar with us next year.

  5. My strategy for juggling it all involves a lot of pre-planning and packing - it sounds like you have that covered! You are right about needing to plan the food ahead so you don't fall into bad habits, that's always hard for me when I travel. You can do it!

  6. It definitely is hard trying to balance it all! It sounds like you already have some good plans in place! The best thing I've found is just to plan ahead. I make a weekly meal plan and shop for everything at once, and try to have at least 1 meal last two nights, that way I'm not cooking every night!
    I also keep my schedule on my fridge so I can see what is happening when. Without my schedule I would be completely lost!

  7. I plan my nutrition for the day too when I know i'm going to be busy busy busy.. pack it the night before too.. put fridge items together in a bag in the fridge so you can just grab and go. :) Make sure you have a lot of grab n go stuff.. fruits, yogurt, nuts, raisins. I always have an apple or banana in my bag.. :D

    I make a weeks worth of oatmeal on Sunday so I can quickly heat it in the a.m. I make a large salad that I can stash in the fridge and pull off of during the next couple of days (don't put dressing on it until you are ready to eat)

  8. Sounds like a busy, yet exciting time! :) I think your "plan" looks good. I'm sure you'll make it work...

  9. Good plan! I've always found that packing the bags the night before is the best way to get me out the door on time!! Good luck with making it all work!!

  10. You've got it nailed! I bet dollars to donuts you are going to find some unexpected positives to the new schedule! For me the meal plan is the one that get's left undone the most and it completely impacts everything else so I'm trying to be better about it this year. Putting the workouts in our family Google calendar is also invaluable. Then alex know exactly what I have planned as many weeks in advance as I get my workouts from my coach. Plus it makes them less "miss-able". :D

    You are going to handle all of it spectacularly!

  11. You have all of the things that I do to keep it all together. Good luck! I am sure you will nail this semester.

  12. Amazing how you fit it all in! When I worked, I made sure to have all laundry done by Sat night. Then had all my work/workout clothes organzined for the week. Having the bags/water bottles ready to go in the a.m. was a huge help too! :) Keep it going! :)

  13. See you at Quassy for sure!

    I have so much respect for all of those tri moms and dads out there...honestly, I am amazed by you all. All I have is a dog and I can't figure out how to get his walks in sometimes..and I can leave him at home alone when I go on a run/ride...anyway, you are going to do awesome at Quassy. Can't wait to see you there!

  14. I totally agree that nutrition really helps keep me balanced. It is so easy to let go of it when you get busy, but that is really when you need it the most!

  15. Pray, pray, pray...especially while driving to and fro....Your, Mommy

  16. I couldn't do it without my wife. She's the glue!

  17. Praying for you this week as you adjust. You have come to mind often. Speaking of nutrition...keep the Bread of Life by your side. Rooting for you!


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