Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Sunday Report

I have been sneezing all weekend.  My nose is also runny, but I can't decide if I'm sick or not.  I will be going with not until further notice.  I've also been putting my lemons to good use with Chuckie V tea via Sonja.

This was a strange week with lot of unfortunate and crazy happenings in our house.  I think we have got things shaken out, but my training and my eating really took the brunt of it this week.  I was looking forward to my 5 swims this week, but 1 of them just didn't happen.  I was eating amazingly well for the first 4 days of the week, then everything just went to pot and concluded with triple layer mint s'more brownies.  If you are going to go down, you might as well go down eating those, right?

Here are the numbers:

Swim:  3h 41m 9750 yds
Bike:  3h 6s 25.08 mi
Yoga:  1h

Total:  7h 41m 6s

I'm putting up another great giveaway tomorrow, so be sure to check back!!  Have a wonderful week!!


  1. I will be baking these brownies at some point before I get back on the nutrition wagon!

  2. I hope you're not getting sick! I need to make some of that Chuckie V tea!!!
    Yum...tripe layer mint s'more brownies...are you kidding me? Those look amazing!

  3. You are doing amazing just getting 4 swims in right now!! Hope you aren't getting sick!!

  4. Wow, awesome swim #'s!! I am lucky to get to the pool once a week. You are rocking it!

    Hey I don't know what you think of this, but to stay healthy I use I can't pronounce it but it seems to really help me stay healthy when everyone around me is diseased.

    +1 on the Chuckie V tea, BTW. I do it all to avoid the plague!

  5. NO GETTING SICK AT CHRISTMAS!! It's a rule right?? one of the keys at thie time of year-be flexible...things come up and we go with the flow. Hope you have an awesome week :)

  6. Hope you aren't getting sick!!! :( Keep drinking that tea!

    Oh my gosh, that brownie sounds delish!


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