Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Sunday Report

It is Sunday again.  It has been an interesting week around these parts of New York.  We received over 48 inches of snow in about 4 days.  Ryan had a snow delay Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and  Noah was sick on Monday, so between the two of them, my schedule got tweaked...a lot.

You will be happy to know that the Christmas tree is still standing!!  Thanks for all of your funny comments!  It will definitely be a story for the ages!!

As far as training goes, after missing my scheduled run on Wednesday because of Ryan's snow delay, I decided that God was sending me a message that I should indeed listen to my coach and take the rest of December off of running and heal.  Once I made that decision, I felt a great sense of peace about it.  I went to the chiropractor again on Thursday for another excruciating Graston session, and I am committed to stretching, foam rollering and icing, so I can kick this Achilles issue once and for all!!

Of course, once I had made the decision to take off, my friend, Ben, emailed me to see if I wanted to go out next weekend to run a 20 miler.  The subject of the email was, "Let's do something stupid together."  I was sorely tempted.  I will not be running with him next weekend, but I reserve the right to do something stupid in 2011!!!

This was also an exciting week in the Trakkers world because the 2011 Team Trakkers was announced.  There was a flurry of emails and tweets of introductions of the new team members.  It is shaping up to be a really great group of people (again)...but, of course, that doesn't surprise me a bit.

Anywho, here are the numbers for the week:

Swim:  3h 30m 9600 yds
Bike: 2h 25m 8s 15.00 mi
Yoga:  1h

Total:  6h 55m 8s

Coach Mary has me swimming 5 (FIVE) times this coming week!!  Wowza!!

Have a wonderful week and happy training!  Be sure to check back this week for two more Trimommy Stocking Stuffer Giveaways!!


  1. I think you're smart to take the time off and not run that 20 miler with your friend! Plus, like you said, you have lots of time in 2011 to do something "stupid!" :)

  2. when I finally thought to see a chiropractor for my perpetually sore right hamstring, I kicked myself for not going years ago. his treatment method was a bit uncomfortable, but man!, did it work. it was there I realized one leg is slightly shorter than the other, and the overcompensation my body has to make so I can run affects everything else. rest and heal, Kelly; you'll be back running before you know it.

  3. Smart to take some time off. 2011 is approaching, hit it healthy as you can. 5 swims! I wish I could get to the pool more than 1x/week. Heal well.

    We got RAIN from that storm - by the time it got here, it was no longer white fluffy happy stuff. Although, I don't need 48 inches all at once...


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