Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Sunday Report

What a day!  I had a rehearsal this morning then followed it with a swim.  (My shoulders are killing me, especially my right, but I think that has more to do with the super-hard yoga class I took yesterday!)  Then I came home and went to town decorating the house.  After dealing with a major meltdown from Ryan involving writing sentences, lots of crying and yelling, and a promise that I took a video of, I made homemade pizza and Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding from Rich Roll's JaiSeed eCookbook.  (If you are interested in raw and semi-raw vegan recipes, you should definitely check this out.  It has some great recipes -I think I'm going to try to make cashew cheese sauce this week - and also very beautiful images throughout.)  Then after the bedtime routines, I fixed my Garmin bike sensor, found my bike shoes, and hopped on the trainer for 45 minutes.  Yes, Buttercup missed me, and, honestly, I missed her too.

I'm tired.

I'm struggling a little bit with both of my Achilles this week.  Well, it has been a stuggle this entire year.  I'm finally making some progress towards healing with the help of a great chiropractor who practices Graston technique.  It hurts so bad, but I do think it is helping.  My run on Wednesday started off really rough, but by the end I was feeling nice and loose.  Yesterday's treadmill run was better, so my thought this week has been to maybe try to run more times per week, but less amount of overall time.  I'm thinking maybe 4-5 10-15 minutes runs.  I ran this by Coach Mary, and she was more inclined to think no running until January.


Of course, I do trust my Coach and told her I would ultimately go with her decision.  She asked me what I was more scared of: the physical aspect of no running or the emotional aspect of no running (it's like she knows me or something).  I told her both!! I'm actually thinking I might replace all of my running this month with yoga.  I've really loved the last two classes I've gone to, and I think it does me just as much good emotionally that running does.  I'd love to hear your thoughts on it!

Here are the numbers:

Swim:  3h 56m 10750 yds
Bike:  2h 10m 37s 13.00 mi (spin class and trainer)
Run:  1h 10m 2s 7.00 mi
Yoga:  1h

Total:  8h 16m 39s

..and for your viewing tearful son making his promise to me...

How's that for fine parenting?

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Have a wonderful week!


  1. tough activity enjoyed viewing your son's video...

  2. "I will listen to you all the time!" I love that. Save these for when he's 16!


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