Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Real World Real Food Challenge

Oh, how I love a challenge!!

My friends, Sonja and Megan, have issued a challenge called "The Real World Real Food Challenge."  Sonja is lucky enough to get a huge box of organic veggies delivered right to her door each week.  Last week Megan wondered if it was any cheaper to go out to the store and buy the same things...and the challenge was on.  Megan's real world total was $51.18.

Here's how it goes:

Go to your local grocery store, list in hand, to see if you can purchase all the organic veggies Sonja got in her basket for less than the $38 she paid for them.

and the rules...

  • Everything must come from the same store, during the same shopping trip
  • Everything must be organic. If you can get it local organic, that’s even better
  • Buy only what is on the list, in the same quantities
  • Keep the receipt
and the list...

So, off to Wegmans I went.  (Many people who are participating are shopping at Whole Foods, but we don't have one in Syracuse.)  I have to confess I went to a Wegmans that is further away from house because I knew it would have a larger selection of organic produce.

I was able to cross everything off my list.

And ended up with this bounty on my counter.

And the grand total was:  $46.13.

And now the problems.  I was not able to find organic kiwis, limes or pomegranates, so I bought conventional.  I was able to find organic lemons and navel oranges, but had to buy them in packs of 10 (and now have a lot of lemons!)  The avocados came in a pack of three, and the sweet potatoes came in a pack of three HUGE sweet potatoes.  Also, after I got home I noticed the cashier didn't charge me for organic fennel, so I probably had some savings there.

One bonus was that my Pea Sprouts were organic AND local!!

Compared to others I have seen, it seems my total is pretty middle of the road.  I feel extremely blessed to be able to even afford organic produce when I know there are families who feel they can't afford fresh produce PERIOD.  

Now what am I going to do with all those lemons?  Check back tomorrow for that one!


  1. Kelly, you did pretty darn good! $46 is not so bad eh? My Whole Foods had that same thing going on with lemons and oranges. That really bothered me, I could buy 1 conventional lemon, but if I wanted Organic, I had to fork out $6 for 10 of them. What's up with that?

    I agree with you, I feel very blessed that I can afford to buy organic and that I have options in close proximity to me. My pea sprouts were local as well, and Annie loves them, so that's a double win!

    That's for participating!

  2. Wow Kelly, who knew we had all of these options available to us? Not I.
    Now that I am doing the shopping for myself and the boys, I am trying to add more organic in. Little by little so as to not shock the check book. It's nice to know that we have so many choices near by. And 10 oranges would not be such a problem in my house, but lemons might be.

  3. What a great idea and great way to get fresh produce into your meals. Nothing like a challenge to spark the mind.

  4. Re the lemons... I was sent a recipe for gluten free lemon blueberry cake - let me know if you want the recipe!

  5. Ooh, lemon blueberry cake sounds awesome!! Must have that recipe.
    I came within a quarter of your total. Looking forward to seeing what everyone does with all this produce!


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