Thursday, December 2, 2010

November in Numbers

November was a great month and a terrible month all rolled into one.  It started off on the high of finishing my first 50K, and then I swung low with an off-season emotional funk.  I feel like I'm starting to even out a little bit now and am really enjoying all of the swim training I'm currently doing.

Today I had an awesome swim workout.  Part of my workout was 10 x 100, and I nailed my pace coming in between 1:41 and 1:43 on all of them.  I was swimming moderate to moderately hard, I would say, and definitely felt like I could have swam longer at the same pace.  Oh yeah!!!

Here are the November numbers:

Swim: 17, 950 yds. 6h 40m
Bike: 5h 15m 36s all spin class
Run: 43.95 mi. 9 h 20m 24s
Aqua-jog: 1h 45m
Strength: 1h

Total:  24h 1m

I'll be putting up the first in a series of December giveaways called "Trimommy's Stocking Stuffers" tomorrow, so be sure to stop by!!


  1. How valuable do you think strength (functional) training is for triathletes in the off-season?


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