Friday, December 10, 2010

Do Christmas Trees Drink?

So you might remember last weekend we set out to find the perfect tree.  Well, look what that "perfect" tree led to.

And what does a pan of burnt sweet potatoes have to do with the "perfect" tree, you ask?

Well, on Wednesday I finally got around to decorating it.  Ryan, Noah and I turned up the Christmas music and got to work.  We were having a great time, and the tree was just about finished, when all of a sudden, while my back was turned, it fell on top of me!  Noah was standing on a chair right there, so thank God it didn't fall in his direction.

It was a little before 6 p.m., and I knew Kel was due home soon.  After I calmed the boys down, I tried to figure out if I could somehow hold it up and fix it at the same time.

Ummm....yeah, that wasn't going to work.

My next idea was to try to have Ryan hold the tree up while I fixed it in the stand, but he was not strong enough to hold it up.

So, with all my ideas producing nothing, I decided to stand there and hold it up until Kel got home.  I had already put my sweet potatoes in the oven and could smell them starting to burn, so I had Ryan turn the oven off, but obviously they had to stay in there.  As the minutes ticked slowly by, I tried to convince Ryan that this was not, in his words, "the most terrible tragedy ever!"  We talked about how blessed we were to have a home instead of being outside in the 4 feet of snow.  We talked about how warm we were inside.  We talked about the wonderful dinner we were going to have.  I'm not sure he was convinced, but I definitely tried.

Finally, 25 minutes later, Kel walked in the door.  His first comment had nothing to do with the fact that I was holding the Christmas tree up, but that something was burning.  I think there is something in here about being a master of the obvious, but not quite.

Anyway, we got the tree back up, swept up the broken ornaments, threw out the blackened sweet potatoes (I couldn't even salvage one), and had a late dinner.

The tree was standing, and all was right in our world.

Until we came home from swimming last night to see this...

Actually, Kel and Noah had come home earlier, and when Ryan and I walked in the door, Kel was sprawled out beside the felled Christmas tree calmly eating a bowl of cereal. You know...priorities.

After Ryan was in bed, we cleaned up the mess...again. I like this picture.  It is what your family room would like like if a drunk Christmas tree threw up on it.

And now, the tree is standing, with every single heavy tool my husband owns sitting on top of the base, so it will stay right where it is.



  1. you crack me up! I think I would have taken Kel's approach and left that whole mess laying on the floor until back up arrived! :D Glad all is right again.. AGAIN!

  2. We had a tree fall twice one year at my parents' house. I caught it once, and then was stuck until someone heard me yelling. Fun holiday memories! Men definitely have different priorities (but at least they have lots of tools).

  3. LOVE the photo of the tree up but still looking a bit bedraggled... kind of like it had gone out to a rockin' Christmas (tree) party and had just lumbered back into the house at 3am. haha

    Glad you were able to get the tree back up! It's beautiful!

  4. Setting priorities:
    1) Put the plant in a stable condition. Done horizontal is as about as stable as it gets.
    2) Determine the cause. Done. Kelly needed to get a ground level view of the conditions.
    3) Develop timely and effective corrective actions to prevent recurrance. In progress. Might as well fuel up and wait for help so it doesn't fall again.
    4) Figure out who to blame: In our house I can blame just about anything on the cats.

    Sounds like Kelly's priorities were spot on. :)

    Great story and I'm sure you and your family will be telling this story for a long time to come.

  5. The picture of your christmas tree fallen on the ground reminds me of my own tree who fell down also two Christmases ago. We we're having our dinner when that happened. It was a lot of work making it stand again, but we all had fun.:-)

  6. I don't know which image is funnier, you standing there holding the tree forever, or Kel sitting next to it, eating!

  7. I'm sorry but when you said you'd hold it till he got home! LAMO!!!!!!!!!!

  8. ha! love the drink christmas tree pic

  9. Sounds like your tree is testing you guys! My very first (and so far last) real Christmas tree I put up on my own fell over too. In the end, after some help from my brother in law, it stayed up and looked beautiful.

  10. WOW!! LOL!! I laughed a bit picturing you holding the Christmas tree until Kel got home!! And then the Cheerios!! Ba ha ha!

  11. Oh my gosh...that is crazy! I can't believe you held the tree up until Kel got home...poor thing! And, I can't believe it fell twice! That picture of the fallen tree and all the ornaments all over the floor is hilarious! Hopefully it will stay put now! :)

  12. hahah ... this whole post was awesome! Damn trees!

  13. LOL - Hey it's a metaphor for life, get knocked down - look like a mess but eventually you get up again and let your star shine bright... The tree does look nice!


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