Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Sunday Report

This week was a tough week, and not because of my extensive training schedule!  Ha!!  Actually, I think the past couple of weeks of racing and traveling and performing totally caught up with me this week.  I have been weary right down to my very bones.

I've still been deep into recovery as far as training goes.  I did start back to very clean eating this past Monday, and as much as I thought that would help with my energy, I think the scaled-back calories caught my body by surprise this week and added to my fatigue a bit.

My flute quartet, Dolce Flutes, had a really big concert today, and it went well. My quartet really put a lot of time into this concert, and it paid off.  Just like good training.  Some things really are universal, no?

Here are the numbers:

Swim:  2h 53m 7400 yds
Run:  41m 32s 3.92 mi
Aqua-jog:  30 m

Total:  4h 4m 32s

I'm starting on a swim block, so my pool time will be shooting up.  Thank goodness for TRISWIM!!

Also a big shout-out to my Trakkers team-mates Sonja, Michelle, and Andy for awesome finishes at Ironman Arizona today!  Sonja won her age group, so she will be Kona-bound for sure!!  Michelle finished her first IM 4th in her age group in 11:07 and might get a Kona roll-down (fingers crossed)!!  And Andy finished just before Michelle in 11:07 too!!  Congrats!!

Have a great week!


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