Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wonderful You Wednesday: Forgiveness

Welcome to Wonderful You Wednesday at My Life as a Trimommy.  This is an ongoing series where I will have a post by myself or a guest that focuses on body image and self esteem.

Have you ever held on to a hurt so tightly because you wanted to remind yourself never to let it happen to you again?

Have you ever held a grudge for so long that you forgot what the grudge was about?

When was the last time you forgave yourself for the mistakes you have made today, yesterday, last year?

You might be wondering what forgiveness has to do with self-image.  Picture this:

Imagine that your heart is a big container that you fill up with your emotions.  As you experience life your heart begins to fill up with memories, emotions, and thoughts.  Sometimes the memories are cherished ones, but sometimes they are the dark.  Sometimes the emotions are lovely and pure, but sometimes they are angry and mean and vengeful. One by one these pieces of life build up in your heart and begin to overflow onto yourself and the people around you.  If your heart is full of love and joy, love and joy will overflow. If your heart is full of anger and bitterness, anger and bitterness will overflow.

Now here is the beautiful thing.  Through forgiveness, of others and ourselves, we can throw out the emotions that we don't want to store in our heart.  We can throw out the hate and hurt, the shame and the bitterness.  We can choose to let go of the trash through forgiveness, and the key word is choose.  It is our choice of what we want to hold in our hearts.  

I think one thing we often overlook in forgiveness is the ability to forgive ourselves.  Sometimes it takes forgiving ourselves first before we can begin to forgive others.  Forgiveness is the basis for love, and love is what I want flowing from my heart.

What will forgiveness do for you?

Anger makes you smaller, while forgiveness forces you to grow beyond what you were.

~Cheri Carter-Scott 


  1. I love that you pinned it down to choice. Forgiveness is such a hard thing to do, but once we realize it's our choice, we can choose, it's much more empowering to do so.

  2. We had a guest speaker this week at church who spoke on reconciliation. Thanks for writing & sharing more about forgiveness!

    Ripples of Reconciliation
    Sunday, October 24, 2010
    Alvin Sanders, Guest speaker
    39 minutes

  3. What a great attitude! This is something we all need to be reminded of now and again.


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