Friday, October 29, 2010

Why Not Rev3??

It's that time of year when we are finishing up the last big races of the season and looking forward to some down time.

Or, if you are like me, you are thinking about next season!!

For the past two years I have had the opportunity to race at Rev3 Quassy. You can read all about my 2009 race and my 2010 race, or this year you can do it yourself!!

Rev3Tri has 5 races currently scheduled for the 2011 season. I'm hoping to get to at least 2 of them. Here are some of the things I love about Rev3 Races:

  • They are very family-oriented.  The races are always held at venues that are fun for everyone in the family, whether or not you are racing.  They also have events for kids, which is great if your kids are showing interest in the multi-sport lifestyle. This picture is from Quassy in 2009.  They have a great waterpark there that we enjoyed after my race was complete.
  • Rev3 puts a lot of time and effort into making each and every athlete feel special, regardless of if you are a pro or an age-grouper.  Check out my personalized transition spot from this year.
  • Each Rev3 event offers multiple distances, so Kel and I can race in the same weekend even if we have the kids with us!  This is Kel in the finish chute just behind one of my Trakkers teammates, Ryan, at this year's Rev3 Olympic in Quassy.
  • Rev3 has a very generous prize purse for pro triathletes, so there is always a lot of pro tri eye candy to be found!!  Here are my stalkerish pics of Craig Alexander and Matty Reed.

  • Even if you aren't a pro, there are some great prizes to be had.  The race schwag is awesome and if you happen to place in your division, you will not be disappointed!

Still not sure??  Well, check out the 2011 season and see if you are ready to Rev3!!!

Kids Rev:  2/19/11
Sprint Rev:  2/19/11
Olympic Rev:  2/19/11
Half Rev:  2/20/11

featuring an Olympic Rev and a Half Rev

Olympic Rev:  6/4/11
Half Rev:  6/5/11

Half Rev and Full Rev (140.6): 9/11/11

Olympic Rev:  10/8/11
Half Rev:  10/9/11

Keep your eyes open and follow Rev3Tri on Twitter and Facebook to stay on top of announcements and get ready to Rev3Tri!!!!


  1. Eye candy is right!! Woo hoo!! :) Thinking of Quassy...maybe...

  2. Is Cedar Point their only current full? Do they plan on adding more to the mix? I'm looking to full in 2012, and well, you read my last blog post. I'm headed in a different direction than I initially planned ;)

  3. I was actually just this afternoon checking out Quassy. We could have quite the CNY Tri Club turnout happening at that race. Definitely on my list of maybe races for next year.

  4. It all looks really good to if I could just swim...

  5. Wow. I had to pause there for a second then wipe my mouth at your triprocandy! :) Anyway.. snap out of it! ha

    And do tell which races you plan to hit this coming season! :)

  6. heather.. maybe I'll meet you at a REV3 Full sometime in the not too distant future! :)

  7. Looking forward on doing Rev3 Qaussy. I'm planning on doing the Olympic and my husband is doing the half.

  8. Ohh I want to do a tri in Costa Rica! I'm planning my first ever tri (sprint) for August. If that goes well maybe I will attempt the Olympic tri in SC :)

  9. i really want to do a rev 3. my plan was to do the quassy rev3 olympic BUT it is too early in the season for me. it is right when the girls would be finishing school and i know the timing would be veyr please rev 3 - do more and get another olympic in the northeast area !!!

  10. Thanks for the posting. With all the hub-bub about Ironman Access and the 5150 I was thinking of doing Rev3 races and supporting them. Your description of family-friendly may have sealed it for 2012 (I'm committed to WTC events in 2011 already.)

  11. Great post!! I also liked the comments about the pro eye candy from those who read your blog, but I have to ask, how about your teammate in the pic with Kel?? He's no slouch! :)

  12. I'm still struggling to visualize myself as athletic...but this is putting so many postive thoughts into my head. Definitely a worthy goal!

  13. I'm really looking at the Quassy Olympic & South Carolina Half... thinking their dates fit with my IMAZ training? (love that name detail on the racks!)

  14. We're looking to join the craze - excited to be doing at least 3 of the races! Thanks for this post!


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