Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Do you have a challenge?  You know, those moments that you can't quite figure out how to resolve?  The moments where, try as hard as you might, the outcome is not what you imagine for your best life?

Some of the most trying moments in my life are brought about by two of the greatest things that have ever happened to me - my two sons.

I mean, look at them!  They are adorable, right?  Clearly they are gifts from God! Practically angels, I say!!

 (even Noah doubts that!)

In sport there is a lot of talk about preparing mentally for races.  There are entire books written about how to mentally prepare for a race through visualization, meditation, mantras and more.  Maybe you have even seen athletes doing this.  For example, during the winter olympics the cameras often show downhill skiers visualizing the course with their eyes shut and their ipods on. (I tried to find a video of this, but was unsuccessful...let me know if you find one!!)

Visualization is also a great technique for performing in music.  Just today I was working with my flute students on this very thing, and I had an amazing idea.  What if I chose the most trying moment of the day with my children and visualized myself staying calm, encouraging my children with loving words, and praising them when all was accomplished?

So, I am going to conduct a little visualization experiment.  Every night as I go to bed, I will see myself being calm, cool and collected as we go through our morning routine (which, by far, is the most trying part of my day.)  I will see myself being present and engaged with my children.  I will see myself encouraging them and building them up, so they can start the day on a positive note.

...and then all will be well with the world...


  1. Your boys are too cute! Good luck with your visualization for the morning routine. That's a stressful time of day for us too!

  2. Great pictures! Best of luck with visualizing a great day!

  3. What an aha moment.. and a duh moment. Why did none of us think of that!? :) I'm TOTALLY trying that too. My worst moments are usually later in the day... say around dinner prep time. :) Or leading up to that time. Particularly if mommy hasn't had her workout today. Thank you for the idea.

  4. I like the pictures too! Fun!!

    Mornings are tough. I'll try this technique too, thanks for the suggestion!


  5. Visulaiztion is a HUGE part of race prep-seeing yourself successful, but also good for seeing any "downs" that can occur and visualize dealing with them sucessfully!

  6. See even looking a little curious that all will be well with the world...Noah's still not buying it. LOL We do need to take those mental breaks as moms....totally. Sometimes I have to talk myself through it too....


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