Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Sunday Report

So, this is a pretty apt description of what I have been doing lately!!  My friend and endurance mentor, Ben, and I went out on a 10 miler today at Green Lakes (finally someone to keep me on the right path...literally!).  It was a gorgeous fall day, and as usual the run was not without adventures.

First of all...snakes...

I KNOW!!!  

I saw the snake on the trail and wanted to get a picture, so Ben took it upon himself to channel his inner Steve Irwin and guarantee I did not miss it!!  I was screaming at him the whole time, but it really does make for good story telling, no?

The views were still gorgeous (are you getting sick of me talking about this yet?), and Ben snapped a pic of me at the highest point of the run.  It was so warm here today I stripped down to just a light short sleeve shirt and capris (thank you Saucony!!), and was perfect!!

To end the day of adventures, Ben rescued me from near death using his ninja-like skills to catch me after I tripped over a root.  Sorry no'll have to take my word for it!

As I was driving over to Green Lakes I had this sudden realization that this month has become the month that I have fallen head over heels in love with running!  I mean, I never hated it before, but I have really come to look forward to being out there running, either alone or with company, no matter the weather.  As if it weren't possible before, I am totally hooked!!!

Here are the numbers for the week:

(A): 8:05:46
Swim:  30m 1500 yds
Run:  5h 9m 25s 28.41 mi
Walk/Hike:  1h 26m 20s 5.11 mi
Bike: 1h spin class

Total:  8h 5m 46s 

Have a wonderful week!  Happy training!!


  1. Yikes...snakes! I can't believe he picked it up!

    I'm glad you're really enjoying your trail running! It makes me want to hit up the trails even more now! :)

  2. Solid week. And once you fall in love with running it is hard to remember life without it.

  3. That falling in love with running is definitely one of thee moments in life. Glad you had a fun adventure.

  4. Kelly
    Loved the run on Sunday.

  5. Can you pass me some of that "loving running" mojo?? ; )

  6. You would have heard me scream from here if I saw that snake!! Glad you're loving running-so peaceful :)


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