Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Sunday Report and September in Numbers

Ahhh...I've missed you, bloggy friends!!  I've been incredibly busy this week with lots of rehearsals, concerts and's like I'm a professional musician or something!!  It's actually been a great week of balancing the two passions in my life, endurance sport and music.  Sometimes I get so involved in one  that the other has to be set aside.  This week was a great example of how I would like every week to be...except maybe not quite so busy!!

Anyway, in preparation for the Mendon Ponds 50K coming up in November, Coach Mary and I have upped my time on my feet with more trail runs and a hike this week.  Hiking is a great way to build durability without risking overtraining.  It's also beautiful and a great aerobic workout.  In fact, after my 2 hour hike yesterday, I'm sore today in ways I am never sore after a long run.  Of course when I'm running, I don't have as much time to soak in views like this, so I guess it's a pretty fair trade.

Buttermilk Falls State Park in Ithaca, New York

I'm getting very excited and just a bit nervous about my first venture into ultra-running.  I feel like I am building up really quickly in terms of running mileage, but I also feel like I have a ton of base aerobic fitness in the form of swimming and biking, so I'm hoping that will help me in the weeks to come.  In some ways I feel kind of like I did before I had my first know, like, "What's all the fuss about?  How bad can it be anyway?"  :)  (side note...I did not feel that way with my second child!) On the other hand, I have complete confidence in my mental ability to get through a long event like this.  I'm excited to see what it will bring out in me.

Here is what the week looked like for me (not including flute practice!):

Run:  4h 17m 57s 21.35 mi (included 40 minutes aqua jog)
Hike:  1h 58m 41s 4.92 mi (yes, I wore my Garmin and HR monitor on my hike)
Bike: 1h spin class (still not missing Buttercup just yet)

Total:  7h 16m 38s

...and here is what September brought for me:

Swim:  3h 33m 48s 11, 062 yards
Bike:  14h 50m 3s 213.37 miles
Run:  12h 17m 26s 71.12 miles
Walk:  30m 2 miles

Total for September:  31h 11m 17s

Have a wonderful week!  Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a really cool review and giveaway!!


  1. You are a machine and it's like you read my mind. I was just thinking about you today and wondering when your ultra was. :) You are going to ROCK it!

  2. Wow! Those are some great training numbers! You are going to do great in the ultra! How exciting!


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