Friday, October 22, 2010

Moon Walk

Every year around this time, Kel and I like to take the boys for a walk under the full moon.  We usually have to wait for the perfect night, and Kel came home the other night and gave me the high sign that it was a great night.  The moon was almost full, and the sky was clear, and it wasn't too cold!

After dinner we bundled up, got the flashlights out and went for a walk around our neighborhood.  There is a little lake not too far from our house, and we walked down there and admired the beauty of the moon along the water.

 I'm not sure if they got the whole gist of it, but they really had fun playing with the flashlights!!


Do you have any fall traditions?


  1. that's a great idea! We drive around and look at some halloween decor, but we do that again at Christmas so it's not just for fall!

  2. What a great idea! We go to the pumpkin patch with the boys every year! They have a blast and we get to support a local farm!


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