Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Sunday Report

I know, I know...I haven't put up anything about my race yesterday.  That's because it was a strange race for me.  I'll go into more when I post the race report, but right now it's only written in my head.  The skinny details on the Skinnyman are:

Swim 800 yds:  13:53 (1:44/100 pace)
T1:  1:12
Bike 14 miles:  45:46 (18.7 mph)
T2:  1:02
Run 3 miles:  26:31 (8:50/mile)

Total:  1:28:34

27/252 women overall
9/29 F35-39 AG (tough age group, huh?)
174/609 overall

To make up for a crazy strange race for me, I had a wonderful trail run this morning with my friend, Ben.  We ran a gorgeous 11 miles this morning on the GLER course (the ultra I spectated last week).  It was a cool but sunny morning, and I had a wonderful time.

This afternoon, Kel and I took the boys for a hike at Beaver Lake Nature Center.  I gave Ryan the Flip camera and Noah the regular camera, and they totally went for it.  I'm still working on Ryan's very scientific video, but I was able to take a few of Noah's 100 or so shots and make a little video for you.

Nice, huh?  I'm still trying to figure all this stuff out, but I'm getting there!  We had a really great day.

...and here are the numbers for the week:

(A): 8:04:51
Swim:  13m 53s 801 yds (yeah, I only swam in the race this pool was closed all week)
Bike:  3h 55m 37s 53.87 mi
Run:  3h 55m 21s 22.98 mi (isn't it weird that my bike and run times were almost exactly the same?)

Total:  8h 4m 51s

I'm looking forward to my last big week of training before Syracuse 70.3.  Two weeks to go!!!

Have a great week!


  1. Great work out! Enjoy your week!

  2. Well looks like lil Noah has an eye for art and creation Kelly...nice job to the two of you on the video and tho your race may've seemed strange-check your email for BJs wonderful persepctive on HIS race day. Bless you girl.


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