Friday, September 3, 2010

Home Day

Today, the boys and I are having what we call a "home day".  That is a day where we stay at home all day, which is very rare for us, especially during the week.  We might hop on our bikes and head over to the neighborhood pool for an hour this afternoon, but, in essence, we will be home all day - no errands, no car, no gym, no stores.  I like home days every now and then, but I don't think I could do home days every day.  I guess I'm the kind of girl who just needs to be doing something.

One of the reasons we are not going anywhere is because I have a rest day today because I'm racing tomorrow!!!  It's a sprint tri called the Skinnyman, in beautiful Skaneateles, New York, which happens to be the town where Kel and I were married.  It's supposed to be a chilly day, so I'm looking forward to pushing really hard, especially on the run.  I'm hoping all of my trail runs will pay off with a speedy run split.

I picked up my packet yesterday at Syracuse Bicycle.  Usually I just pick up my packet on race day for this race, but I needed some work done on my wheel and also needed some nuun, so I went over to get my stuff. When they handed over my shirt, I was beyond ecstatic to see that it was a women's fit shirt!!  (You may or may not remember my pet peeve of getting men's shirts at races, but you can read about it here.)  I think I might have jumped up and down!  The woman who had made the decision to have women's shirts happened to be there, and I gave her a hug...really!   It's about time race directors realize that women make up a huge percentage of their racers.

I got a great goody bag that had the usual stuff, plus a full size water bottle.  Generally speaking, I always think there is nothing wrong with another water bottle.  On a day that Kel and I are both riding long, we will use every single one of our water bottles.  The problem is we have a little bit of a storage problem.  Our current water bottle system consists of a tub on top of our fridge with overflow into the wooden bowl on top of our fridge.

Here's a closer look at the tub (which I'm pretty sure is from the hospital from when Ryan was might have even been what he got his first bath in!)

...and that is not even all of our water bottles.  Both of our aero bottles and all of our stainless steel bottles are missing from this photo.  Clearly, I need a new solution.

I will freely take suggestions.


  1. Good luck to both of you tomorrow! I love home days!

  2. i love the idea of a home day. i think i have less anxiety about staying at home when I declare it a home day.

    we have the same situation with the water bottles from races....

  3. I like the idea of a home day too!
    Ugh...our water bottle are everywhere! We have them upstairs and downstairs!
    Good luck in your tri this weekend! :)

  4. LOVE "home days!" Hope you enjoy yours and good luck tomorrow at Skinnyman! As for the water bottles, I'm in the same boat. My husband is trying to find new spots to store them. Don't tell him, but I'm adding to the problem because I ordered one of the personalized CNY Tri bottles. It will be our secret! ;)

  5. Good luck at Skinnyman!
    Water bottles: I have a big milk crate in the basement-keeping the tops in a bowl next to the crate. Why the basement? Near the dehumidifier-so they are super dry.

  6. Good luck tomorrow!! I had to laugh about the tub, I have the pink one still from when Eliza was born...great for storage!

  7. love the women's cut shirt. Also think it's ironic that this post is about too many water bottles and there are two water bottle ads right next to it. :) ha

    We have our bottles in bins too.. sitting up w/ lids balanced on top. Open to suggestions as well.

    Home day for us too.. rare rare rare.. which means my house is a mess and I need to clean. We'll see if that gets done.

    Anyway.. good luck tomorrow!!!

  8. One of those open, cast iron - twisty/pretty wine racks?

  9. good luck tomorrow! you don't need it though!

    we have way too many water bottles too. I just keep them in our pantry in three large baskets. Havent' come up with a better solution?!

    i love home days. we unfortunately do way too many of them during our wisconsin winter weekends!!! they do make the days seem to last a lot longer ... and more enjoyable

  10. A wine rack was a good idea. I am sure someone will come up with a water bottle rack soon.

    I have to store mine with the lids screwed tightly on or they dissapear. I really don't know what the kids to with them.

    Thanks for your advice earlier. I think I am going to have a race rest weekend...that sounds official doesn't it?

  11. ridiculously fantastic numbers for this race after your name Mizz Kelly! Great job!


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