Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Few More Thoughts...

Today, I realized that even in my massively long Syracuse 70.3 race report I neglected to point out a few things that made me smile during the race.

  • At one point on the bike, a little girl yelled, "I love your yellow bike!"
  • One of my favorite things about triathlon is the variety of people you meet and see while out on the course.  I am always encouraged by everyone, and reminded constantly of why I love this sport.  Thank you to everyone who said a kind word, or laughed at the hills with me, or smiled.
  • On the run this young kid passed me right around mile 2.  After he got about 20 feet in front of me he just let a couple of huge farts rip!  I kind of laughed about it until I ran through the aftermath.  Good thing he was running much faster than me.
  • Further along in the run I was passed by a man wearing a speedo similiar this Splish only with more flowers and rainbows:
  • I told him I hoped he used a lot of Body Glide that morning.  After which I became slightly disturbed as I watched his psychedelic butt prance away.
  • The food after the race was AMAZING!  Thank you Bella Domani!!
  • I had a lovely conversation with a man from New Jersey on the shuttle back to transition who was excited about having completed his first half-ironman.  I'm such a little social butterfly when I get around other triathletes, but I just can't help it.  It's like I have an instant bond with anyone who tris!!
  • As I was picking up my bike, I ran into a Trimommylife reader who thanked me for the course review. Congrats to Tonya on a great first half-ironman!!  I hope your next race is equally rewarding as this one was!!

  • And lastly, I love it that every single person that finished the race, man and woman, young and old, experienced triathlete and first-timer, kept their medal hanging from their neck throughout the rest of the day.  I love that!!
Have a wonderful evening!!

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  1. Congratulations on your race! I had my Rev3 Cedar Point medal on like all day!


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