Friday, September 10, 2010

Countdown to Syracuse 70.3: The Swim

A few weeks ago I posted a review of the Syracuse 70.3 bike course that has proven to be one of my most popular posts.  Since we are just over a week away from the big day, I decided to write a bit about the swim and the run.

The Swim:

From the map on the Syracuse 70.3 website, it seems the swim will start on the far left of the beach (where the furthest signs in this pic are), go out straight into the lake, turn right for a short end of a rectangle, and turn right again to the swim finish at the right side of the beach.

This is the right side of the beach not pictured in the picture above.

The swim takes place in Jamesville Reservoir.  The reservoir is a small lake that is sheltered by trees all around.  There is a sandy beach, and the swim will be in waves with 4 minutes between each one.  I have swam several times this season at Jamesville Beach, where the swim will be starting.  The water is a little murky, so if you are planning on looking for fishies while racing, you are pretty much out of luck!  It is also quite weedy, but the weather here has been cooler the past week or so, so I'm hoping for less weeds.  I also heard a rumor floating around that WTC was going to try to pull some of the weeds on the swim course, but I'm not sure if that is true or not.  My guess is that if you are in a later wave, the weeds might not be so awful.

As far as water temp goes, like I said above, it has been significantly cooler here this week (think sweat shirt weather).  I'm planning on wearing my full wetsuit, and wouldn't be surprised if the water is in the high 60s.  Just think of it as refreshing!!

I'm not exactly sure where the transition area will be, but you will have to run across the sandy beach to get there, so plan on having a water bottle to squirt off your feet.  Wherever transition will be, I don't think the run will be too far from the swim exit.

I think the run to transition will go across the sand and the sidewalk then through the grass on the right.
See picture below for a continuing view.

I'm not sure if transition will be in this parking lot or on this grassy area, 
but I'm guessing one or the other.
Check back tomorrow for a rundown on the run course!!


  1. Ooh I'd love to do this, once I get a few more sprints under my race belt!

  2. Thank you so much for posting this! And for the tip about the water bottle. I've been worried about the water temp & swimming in my sleeveless. Sounds like I should steel myself to be really "refreshed!" :)


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