Saturday, September 11, 2010

Countdown to Syracuse 70.3: The Run

I have not run this course because a very large portion of it is basically unrunnable due to traffic on a regular day.  Of course, that will not be the case next Sunday, so the other day I took some time to drive it.  Word on the street has been that this will be a fast run course as it is primarily flat or downhill.

When I was driving it on Wednesday, I was surprised in the first 6 miles be how rolling it felt in the car.  While it is definitely more down than up, there are still some gentle rollers during the first half, which goes through the village of Jamesville, under the highway, and then through a residential area that is currently being completely repaved (approximately miles 3-5).  It was completely torn up on Wednesday, and my husband commented to me today that he doesn't think it will be finished by race day, so be prepared for a less than smooth road surface for this section.

After the turn onto Genesee Street and then a quick left onto Erie Blvd., the course is basically flat and/or downhill.  This next section which lasts from approximately miles 6-12 is a 4-lane divided highway with businesses and shopping on either side.  We will be running west in the east bound lane for the majority of this part.  It is not the most beautiful part of Syracuse to be sure, but the upside is that we will have automatic spectators throughout due to the traffic that will most assuredly be riding down the road with us.

Around mile 12 we will hit downtown Syracuse and turn onto Salina Street.  The views definitely get more interesting here, and there is about a half mile that is a false flat.  Maybe it won't be so noticeable when we are running, but I certainly noticed it in the car.

The race ends at the Inner Harbor, where there will hopefully be a great big party to celebrate all of the finishers!!  This is also where the awards will take place.

I'm looking forward to this half!!  Let me know if I'll see you there!  Happy taper!


  1. It should be a fun race, being mostly down hill!

  2. Wow--so there will still be traffic on Erie Blvd? But you're right--lots of opportunity for spectators and probably the most visible race for a large part of the city. It would be great if the businesses set up cheering sections to encourage racers along the way--maybe next time.


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