Thursday, September 2, 2010

August in Numbers

How did it get to be September already??  Here are some numbers from August:

3 Aflac Iron Girl Events (Syracuse, Columbia, Boulder)

1 spectating day at GLER 50K/100K Ultra Run

8 trail runs

1 sunburn - maybe one day I will learn how to apply sunscreen properly

2 rides on the Syracuse 70.3 course

...and of course the training numbers:

Swim:  5h 43m 16,101 yards
Bike:  24h 2m 8s 338.61 miles
Run:  10h 37m 27s 65.46 miles

Total:  40h 22m 35s (nothing like getting a whole work-week worth of training in!)

I have a feeling September is going to be a great month!!


  1. Fantastic August! Here's to a great September

  2. I know, August FLEW by.

    I've selected you for an award! You can pick it up on my page.

  3. September is going to be an AWESOME month. For all of us! I can feel it.


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