Monday, September 13, 2010

Aflac Iron Girl Seattle: Pictures and Thoughts

Aflac Iron Girl Seattle was a blast!  My only regret is that my trip was so quick, since it was my first visit to Seattle.  I did have a few hours to explore, and my hotel was 6 blocks from Pike's Place Market, so I was able to see a bit.  The 5k/10k run was at beautiful Green Lake Park, made even more beautiful by almost 3000 women and girls becoming Iron Girls on Sunday.

One of my favorite things about the run/walk events is the many mother-daughter teams that participate.  To see mothers crossing the finish line with girls as young as 5 and 6, both with huge smiles on their faces, is one of the memories I will most cherish of the Aflac Iron Girl season.  Those moments are what Aflac Iron Girl is all about.  Those little girls are going to remember the day they raced with mommy, and who knows where they will go with that!

After the run was over, I had an hour and decided to get a run in myself.  As I was running past two women who had just completed the 5k I heard one of them say, "The women who did the 10k are amazing."  It made me smile because it's good to be reminded that fitness is a lot about perspective.  We all look up to those amazing people.  

And I think all of you are amazing!  Thank you for your inspiration!  I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them.


  1. tried to email you, but it got returned to me as undeliverable....

    how'd you get such a sweet gig w/ Aflac... and GOOD LUCK at Syracuse!!!

  2. The pictures are great. Hope you were able to enjoy a little of Seattle with no rain. Was surprised to find one of my daughter creating her sign to cheer me on in my 1st 5k.

  3. Kelly I am Amelia's mom. Love Pike's market....they have a great spiced tea and one of the toy stores I remember getting Amelia a stuffed Clifford the red dog, when of course a few years younger than now.

    Great photos and to able to pursue your races I am sure will be passed on to your kids!

  4. I saw you take one of those pictures! I ran the 5k - my first ever and it was an incredible experience!

    I wrote about my experience on my blog: Simply Jaime

    Next year there should be a Mr.Linky of all the Iron Girl related blog posts!


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