Monday, September 27, 2010

Aflac Iron Girl Bloomington: Pictures and Thoughts

I spent the weekend in Bloomington, Minnesota, for the Aflac Iron Girl Bloomington Duathlon.  Over 1400 women participated in the event.

Sunday morning was CHILLY!!!  Fortunately, I had checked the weather and brought a fleece and some gloves.  There were a lot of spectators wrapped in blankets while they cheered, and the women danced and jumped at the start line to stay warm.

One of my favorite parts of the day was towards the end of the race when I went out for my own run.  I've been doing this at the last few events and have really loved being out there will all the women racing.  The run course was a 2 mile loop around Normandale Lake.  Part of the race was on the road and then it switched to the path on the lake.  I stayed on the path the whole time, so I was by myself for about a mile, than ran along with the girls, cheering them on.  After my second loop, I decided to run the loop the opposite way, and that was fantastic.  I was cheering and clapping and doubt, most of the girls thought I was crazy, but I was so inspired by them.  My 6 miles went by without me even thinking about it!!

Every now and then I would see someone who looked like they needed some company.  I would chat with them, encourage them, and then see them run on to the finish.  Over and over what I realized from these women and myself is that we are so blessed to be able to do this.  Gratitude was the overarching theme of the day for me.  Gratitude for being alive, for our families, for the ability to get out and do events like Aflac Iron Girl, for being able to get out of bed even!!

Congratulations to all of you who participated on Sunday!  I am grateful for the chance to join you in your achievements and successes!! Thank you!!


  1. I SAW YOU! You ran by me -- and and I had to smile. What a lovely gesture -- you encouraged me with your energy as we ran in opposite directions! :) Thank you!!

  2. Wonderful recap, as always! I especially love the pics of the handmade posters. Seeing my own family's posters, as I came in off the bike and run was the absolute highlight of the day - I still tear up looking at my pictures. I love seeing others experiencing the same joy!

  3. You make such a wonderful impact everywhere you go...we are blessed to have you here cheering us on. Thank you for all that you do, Kelly.

  4. Sounds like you had such a great time, as did the ladies! This is a pretty incredible thing you did getting to go around to these races!! How did that start for you? Do they need someone for next year??!! Ha! So glad you got to be a part of the races - thanks for taking us on your journey!

  5. I saw you too! Thanks for all your encouragement. What an awesome thing to do!!!


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