Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wonderful You Wednesday: Beautifully Human

Welcome to Wonderful You Wednesday at My Life as a Trimommy.  Starting today, every Wednesday I will have a post by myself or a guest that focuses on body image and self esteem.

Do you have secrets that you don't tell anyone about yourself because you are worried they will think badly of you?

I do.

I wasn't going to tell you any of them, but I have changed my mind.  I am not proud of any of this.

Here are some of mine:

Sometimes Very often when I see a beautiful woman I ask the question in my head, "I wonder if I look like that."  Even more often, when I see an overweight woman I ask myself, "I wonder if I am that fat."

I sometimes hide evidence of food because I don't want my husband to know I have been eating it.

Likewise, I feel like if I eat something in the car, it "doesn't count" because no one sees me eating it.

I totally judge people by what they have in their carts at the grocery store.  Especially mothers.

When people tell me they are doing "everything right" and still not losing weight, I don't believe them.

If I am swimming laps, I always scope out everyone else who is swimming to see if I am the fastest swimmer there.

I drink way too many lattes. Well, I guess this isn't too much of a secret, but remember when I said I was going to give them up for a month and a half?  I didn't do it, and I never confessed.  I think I gave them up for like 5 days.

When I walk by a full-length mirror or window, I check to see if I can see the muscles in my legs.

When I am looking at pictures that I am in, I evaluate the picture based on how good/bad I think I look.

Okay...that is all I can do for now.  You may be wondering my point in this, right?

Well,  the point is that we all do it.  We all compare. We all have secrets. We all have shames.  We all have the dark places that we hide from each other because we are all human.  For myself, I know these hidden things are forgiven and wiped clean by God's grace, which, unlike me, is perfect.

I have a very good friend who once owned a bead shop.  One day when I came to visit, she had three huge bowls full of beautiful beads, all different shapes, colors and sizes.  I spent a while looking through them, letting the beads fall through my hands and admiring the beautiful variety.  They were marked only $1 a piece because they were flawed when she received them.  Instead of "Flawed" or "Damaged" though, she had them labeled as "Beautifully Human."  That sticks with me to this day.  I am not perfect...

and that is a beautiful thing.


  1. loved it! I'm so guilty of ALL that you shared...thanks for sharing!

  2. Same here...guilty as charged!

  3. Kelly...this is SPOT on. And I am sure I could out-confess you any day!

  4. This was awesome. Spot on for me too. I would add at the pool when I see a really awesome swimming I spy on her/him underwater and try to emulate them, usually screwing up my stroke.

    And I am still a firm believer that food you eat in the car doesn't count (fingers in my ears lalalalala)...

  5. I love this post! I am guilty of it all too!

  6. :-) I can relate to many of these!We are so peculiar. Thank you for your transparency girl!

  7. Kelly, What an amazingly honest post! I can relate to every one of them except the swim one. I'm just in awe of excellent swimmers! I know that I'm one of the slowest. Thank you for all you do for us @ the Y.


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