Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Sunday Report

I'm tired.

I hope that is okay with everyone.

I ran almost 7 miles this morning at Beaver Lake Nature Center.  It has a beautiful 3 mile trail that goes around Beaver Lake.  It is a very easy trail, and since I've got a little trail run coming up in November, I've been making a greater effort to include trails in my running. Three out of 4 runs this week were on trails.

So, I have found that trails are tough!  It is very different from running on the road.  I felt like I was going much faster than I was.  I also felt like I was working much harder than my heart rate indicated.  Having said that, though, I still loved it.  At one point, I was running along, lost in my own head, and all of a sudden I looked up and saw 6 deer, 2 adults and 4 babies, standing about 10 feet in front of me.  We watched each other for a few seconds, and then they ran off with me following behind wishing that one day I might be able to run like a deer.

Here are the numbers this week:

Swim:  35m 1800 yds (pitiful, I know...)
Bike:  7h 40m 36s 112.93 mi (but I made up for it here, no?)
Run:  2h 55m 26s 16.65 mi

Total:  11h 11m 01s

I totally should have done 10 more seconds of something.

Have a great week!!


  1. Nice job with your training! I love trail running and wish I could do more of it. You're right though, it is much harder than running on roads!

  2. I like trail running too. I run trails a couple times a month. But trails running to me is energy sucking to my feet and body. It feels like the dirt suck energy right from your feet just like a vacuum sucks up dirt. (it's just my interpretation of my trail running anyway :)) Happy trails to us all.

  3. awesome training! I have yet to run on a trail... a bike path doesn't quite count since its paved lol ;)

  4. Kelly-you have permission to be tired! You work your tail off like crazy and train for yourself as well.
    Take a breath. Loved the treat of seeing deer on a trail path...."Captivating" (book) refers to things like that as kisses from God.
    Be blessed my friend.

  5. How wonderful, the differing opinions - see, I feel faster trail running...and I am a waddlesomely slow runner. BLN Center is a fantastic place to go run. Running is an effort for me, but put me in the woods and I am happy. I would love to do an ADK 5k, half marathon or even a tri someday.


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