Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Sunday Report

What a great week this has been! Even though we had a little bit of child drama this afternoon that took the wind out of my sails, I am still feeling great from Iron Girl Syracuse.  I'm still working on my race report, but here are my official splits:

Swim:  8:32 1:26/100yds
T1:  2:17
Bike:  52:54 21.1 mph
T2:  1:01
Run:  25:56 8:21/mi
Total:  1:30:41
16/730 overall
4/140 Age Group 35-39

This is an overall improvement from my time last year.  I am especially pleased with my run, since I've been doing very low volume and no speed work at all since Rev3.  More to come on this...

Anyway, despite the fact that I raced on Saturday, I still put in a pretty full week of training.  I feel like my run is finally starting to come back.  My Iron Girl run was a huge confidence booster for me, and I'm looking forward to getting my volume up in the coming weeks.

My feet are still not 100%, but I am learning how to manage and coddle them better.  The secret has been in the way I sleep, believe it or not.  As long as I sleep with my feet hanging off the end of the bed, most mornings I can actually walk normally when I get up.  The problem with this method is that it requires me to be "aware" of my feet throughout the night and change positions if I notice my feet aren't where they should be.  So, I finally broke down and bought a pair of Strassburg socks, which, in essence, do the same thing, but without me having to remind myself all night long.  They haven't arrived yet, but I think they are going to help even more.

I am also going to start trail running at least once a week to start preparing for my 50K in November.  (I almost put exclamation points after that because I am SO EXCITED!!!!!!)  Is it weird that I am excited about this?  Maybe a little, but I never said I wasn't weird...or crazy...

Here are the numbers:

Swim:  2h 18m 6751 yds
Bike: 4h 23m 19s 61.45 mi
Run:  1h 52m 42s 13.84 mi
Aflac Iron Girl Syracuse:  1h 30m 41s (600 yd swim/18 mi bike/5K run)

Total:  10h 4m 42s

I hope all of you have a wonderful week.  Happy training!!


  1. Great race!! Congrats!
    Wow, I like exclamation points too :)

  2. I think the exclamation points are necessary! I am planning on my first 50K in December. Can not wait!

  3. I sometimes have to sleep with my feet hanging off too! Funny! Great numbers for your race girl!


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