Friday, August 6, 2010

Aflac Iron Girl Syracuse Expo

Aflac Iron Girl is finally in the 'Cuse!!  I interviewed a great group of women today, saw a lot of friends getting fired up for the race tomorrow, and just had me a good 'ole time today!!  I love seeing women excited about taking on new challenges!!  Look at these smiles!

Erika and her future Iron Girls.

Cheri, Naiela, and Sue getting Iron Girl goodies for their hubbies!

Mary and Michelle

Amanda will become an Aflac Iron Girl tomorrow!

Christine and Valerie are SWIMMERS!!

We love the shirts!!

Cindy is celebrating her 50th with Aflac Iron Girl!

Antoinetta will become an Aflac Iron Girl 175 pounds lighter than she was 3 years ago!

Some of my girls will race with shiny new bikes thanks to 

...and I am proud to be racing as part of Aflac's Team Courage, 
celebrating being 11 years cancer free!


  1. love need to get aflac iron girl to come to NY or NJ area....

  2. I too love it Kelly! I hope you'll share your story with me sometime. I'd love to feature you in my athlete profile section.

    Rock it out tomorrow!
    So much fun!

  3. Very cool - those race bibs are sweet!

  4. Love to hear about Ryan and Noah. Can't wait to see Ry at school. Good luck today!

  5. Loved your post and I did NOT know you are a cancer survivor! YAY YOU! Miracle girl....I'm even more excited for you now! Great job today!


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