Saturday, August 28, 2010

Aflac Iron Girl Boulder: Pictures and Thoughts

Another Aflac Iron Girl event is in the books.  As I sit here and contemplate the race, a few things come to mind.

First, it is such an honor for me to share this experience with so many women.  No matter how fit, what size, what age, or what level of experience, becoming an Iron Girl is a very special moment.

Secondy, I am amazed again at the courage all of the women bring to this event.  Today I chose to run along the course and cheer people on.  Every now and then I would follow my gut and walk a few steps with someone.

I walked a few steps with Laura.  This was her first triathlon.  She was smiling.  She was keeping a steady pace.  She was walking on one leg.  She wore a prosthetic on the other leg.

I walked a few steps with Victoria.  She told me this was her first triathlon, and she was tired.  She couldn't feel her feet because she has MS.  She also has two kids that she is setting an amazing example for.  She is not letting obstacles get in her way.

I walked a few steps with Kate.  She is a beautiful, vibrant women in her early twenties.  I noticed she was wearing an Aflac Team Courage bib, and I asked her if she would share her story with me.  Last October she was diagnosed with cervical cancer.  She went through treatment, finished her masters degree and is starting her Ph.D. this fall.  She is cancer free, and she is an Iron Girl.

There were so many more.  The woman who lost 150 pounds.  The woman who was walking along with her inhaler in her hand and the drive to finish in her heart.

So many stories...hopefully the pictures will speak without words.

Congratulations, ladies.  You are all Iron Girls.


  1. Awesome stories and picks! It WAS a great race! I wish we could have met up.

  2. Kelly,

    It was so great to meet you!! I wish we could have ran into each other after the race, but I bet you were pretty busy and, let's not lie, I was pretty focused on food :)

    I love the pictures from today! I hope we get to meet up again somewhere!

  3. Amazing pictures....LOVE the sun rise and water pics and moments with all the women! Well done as always!

  4. Great pictures. This was my second tri and it was such a wonderful experience. So many inspiring women. You got some great shots of my kids (little man in green jacket in the sand and the two holding the flag.)

  5. Kelly,

    This the Kate you met during the run portion of the race, and I am so touched by your kind words! It was great to meet you, and our chat really powered me through the last part of the course. Thank you again!



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