Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wonderful You Wednesday

Today has just been one of those days.  I tried to pack too many things into not enough time, and I feel like I didn't do any of it well.  Do you ever have those days?

I'm doing a lot these days, and some days I think I just get totally overwhelmed with everything that is going on.  Right now I am supposed to be at Masters Swim, because I couldn't go on Monday night because I was playing with the Syracuse Symphony (yeah...I always forget that in my real life I am a professional musician too).  But I am not swimming.  I decided that if I didn't go to swim tonight, I would totally buckle down and get things done.

And I am.

Kind of.

I just ordered 250 Trimommylife Enterprises business cards.  Great, but alas, not on my list of things to do.

I just checked my email.  Again.  I am a woman obsessed.

I just checked out my Twitter feed.  Again.

Okay.  I really am going to get something done.

Are you wondering about the title of this post yet?  This was my actual point in blogging tonight, beyond casting all my woes of stress and business upon you.  Beginning today, I am officially calling Wednesdays at Trimommylife "Wonderful You Wednesday."  I've been feeling like a lot of people, me especially, need a gentle, or not-so-gentle, reminder that we are wonderfully and beautifully made.  So, I am going to feature a series of guest posts from friends, here and afar, that center on body image and self-esteem.  This has really been heavy on my heart for the past few weeks for many reasons, and I hope you, my readers, will enjoy the posts to follow.

If you would be interested in writing a guest post for a Wonderful You Wednesday, please shoot me an email.

Have a wonderful evening, and remember that you are wonderfully made.


  1. Kelly - we ALL pack too many things in our day. It the nature of a triathlete. :-) Hang in there.

    Wonderful idea for Wonderful You Wednesday. I look forward to reading the series.

  2. so true about your Wonderful Wednesday theme.....I was actually writing a post about this in my head yesterday at the pool, because I'm so tired of comparing my body to other mothers. Some of them are so tiny, and I'm so not. I tell myself, "yeah, they're skinny, but I bet they didn't run 7 miles this morning, and I did!"

  3. This happens to everyone. You're not alone!

  4. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! I guess what God meant when He said FEARFULLY was that He feared if we were all made perfectly and identically....we'd forget to fear our marvelous Creator. You set a fabulous example for we who aspire to treasure these earthen vessels and take care of your gentle reminders that we are amazing glorious manifestations of heaven on Earth. Thank you!


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