Saturday, July 17, 2010


  • this will have no capitals because i'm feeling a little bit streamy
  • i saw a fork and a top hat on the side of the road this morning...very strange...although it was a plastic fork which is less weird than if it were a real fork
  • i also saw one really nice running shoe...i felt sorry for the shoe, but not necessarily sorry for the person who lost do you lose one shoe, and on the side of the road?
  • i rode 50 miles this morning, and it felt great
  • sometimes i purposely avoid blogging because i don't want to really admit something by writing it down
  • i ate two of the most beautiful peaches this afternoon
  • they were so good, i turned the rest into peach cobbler that i ate with vanilla ice cream for dessert
  • i'm sure that other people think i am crazy about 87% of the time
  • i let noah wear his superhero cape and mask today while we ran errands...maybe this has something to do with the craziness
  • this morning on my ride i was moving along at a pretty quick pace, and i saw a car hidden in some tall grass and thought it was a police car...i instantly slowed down and my adrenaline was i was speeding and was about to get a ticket...i laughed out loud at myself
  • i'm quite jealous this very minute of  people who are racing in lake placid next weekend
  • i'm pretty sure our television was on all day with the exception of lunch and dinner...i even mentioned something about excessive tv watching...but the tv is still on
  • i sat for at least 2 minutes just now thinking of absolutely nothing
  • that's all

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  1. :) Frankly, I think people who don't think a superhero mask and cape are a totally awesome outfit for public are the crazy ones! Great post mama!

    While I clearly don't wish I was racing lake placid this weekend, haha, (not yet!) I TOTALLY wish I was there right now!! it's soooo beautiful!


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