Monday, July 19, 2010

High Quality Parenting

Tonight we were all outside.  Kel was grilling and I was sweeping massive amounts of acorns off the deck.  The boys were playing happily in the backyard, literally about 50 feet away from us.

All of a sudden Kel says to me, "Look at Ryan."

And this is what I saw...

Um...yeah...that is my first born son 30 feet high in a tree.  Of course we told him to wait there so I could get the camera (note title of post...)

Here's a close-up...a little blurry because this was taken right after Ryan says, "Oops, I slipped a little."

Of course, after we took the pictures we told him to come down.  He says, "It's okay, I have a really good grip!"


  1. OMG, that would have freaked me out. My oldest climbs about 5 feet in our tree and I get all nervous..ha ha!

  2. You must have nerves of steel! I get nervous when his swing goes too high.

  3. oh my stars! what a crazy kid!

  4. I was almost on the floor laughing...not neccessarily because he was in a tree....but because you were able to actually run and get the camera!So-I have a giveaway suggestion because I own two and love them-HANDFUL bras. you can google the site. If anyone suffers from padded sports bras not doing them justice-these I swear by! See if you can get em into the giveaway cuz I wanna enter! LOL

  5. LOL! Love the pics and how you got the pics before telling him to come down. :)

  6. Ha! He looks like a trapeze artist.

  7. He may have a future as a lineman.


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