Monday, July 19, 2010

Anti Monkey-Butt Review and Giveaway

Do you have monkey butt??

A PR person for Anti Monkey-Butt Powder recently contacted me about doing a review and giveaway of their products.  Soon after, I got a care package with Anti Monkey-Butt Powder, Lady Anti Monkey-Butt Powder, an array of Rohto Eye Drops, and some Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant.

As a triathlete, all of these things come in handy at one point of the day or another.  I took on my job of reviewing very seriously.  First test was of the Lady Anti Monkey-Butt Powder.  I used it with a pair of bike shorts.  I rode outside about an hour and a half, took a little break, and then hopped on the trainer for a little more fun.  I really liked the powder.  It smelled good, I had no chafing or hot spot issues beyond the typical hot spots that come with riding over an hour.  It washed out of my shorts easily and didn't leave any residue behind.  One thing I did not like was as I sweated I got a little ring of white around the outside of my shorts where the chamois pad is.  Not particularly attractive, but I was wearing bike shorts, so I can't really be too picky.  Overall, I liked it.  I was surprised at how well it worked since I usually use Aquaphor which is really thick.  I would definitely use it again.

Next up was the original Anti Monkey-Butt Powder.  I'm not sure how much of a difference there is between the two, but after using the original for a three hour ride on Saturday, I can say I prefer the Lady Anti Monkey-Butt Powder.  It just felt better, although maybe for a man, the original would be just fine.

I have also been using the Rohto Eye Drops which are known for their signature tingly sensation.  Their are different levels of cooling, cool, arctic and ice, as well as the lubricating Hydra drops. The PR person who sent me them warned me that the arctic and ice can be "intense".  Well, let me say after using the cool and checking out some youtube videos of the "Rohto Experience" I will stick with the cool and the hydra.  I don't typically use eye drops since I wear contacts, and these advise not using if you are wearing contacts, so I've been dropping a couple of drops in my eyes in the morning.  I like the cooling sensation.  It's a real eye-opener for the a.m. ( could I resist?).

I have also been using the Certain Dri Anti-Perspirant for the past three days.  I was skeptical of this because it doesn't contain any deodorant, only very strong anti-perspirant.  The premise is that if the anti-perspirant is doing its job, you won't need a deodorant to cover up the odor.  The directions say to put it on at night, and that it lasts up to 72 hours!!  I have to tell you it was very hard for me to not put on deodorant after my a.m. shower, but I haven't and I don't stink!  I think I might be a convert!

Now, I know you are all itching to get your hands on these great products, so I am giving away two gift packs that will contain the Anti Monkey-Butt Powder (you pick which kind), Rohto Eye Drops and some Certain Dri.  Here's how you can enter - please leave a separate comment for each entry.

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Good luck!!


  1. I put your giveaway up on my blog.

  2. Ha, they got you too? I am also hosting an AMBP giveaway. This stuff is definitely amazing. I'm a new convert for sure!

  3. Well....Is a monkey butt only a SWEATY booty? Here's my story-sorta a blend. I was riding to work (North Y) and I walked in after locking up my bike and Marcy says-"your butt is all wet!" Surprised that the somewhat dry roads wouldve kicked up noticable water i thought-"I must be sweating profusely!" After looking at the PERFECT circular pattern on my "wet" butt...I learned it was from my leaky gel seat-not the roads OR the sweat. Needless to say-I have NOW been more mindful of avoiding a monkey butt (from sweating) if i can!

  4. 1 in the title, 7 in the post and 3 more if you're including your questions as part of the post.

  5. 7 times in the post and 1 in the title

  6. I liked Anti Monkey Butt (I just really like typing that!) on FB

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