Monday, June 21, 2010

Trimommy Giveaway: Rev3 Cedar Point

Well, a few weeks ago in this post, I asked your advice as to whether I should race Athena at Rev3 Quassy.  Many of you commented, and overall, I felt encouraged to race Athena, and, ultimately, won the division at the Quassy HalfRev.

Well, thanks to your wonderful advice I have something to give back to you.

One of the awesome prizes I won was a free entry to Rev3 Cedar Point, either the FullRev or the HalfRev.  Both take place on Sunday, September 12, however,  I will not be racing on September 12, because I will be at Aflac Iron Girl Seattle.

So, one of you will have the pleasure of racing at one of the premier triathlon events in the country!!  I realize this is not a giveaway for everyone.  With the race being just shy of 12 weeks away, clearly this is not the best time to decide to do an Ironman distance race if you haven't already been training.  On the other hand, though, if you have a mid-season full or half planned, what a great way to end the season!!  And if you have quite a lot of fitness built up right now, you would definitely be able to pull off a half in twelve weeks!!

Anyway, I think it will be interesting to see how many takers we have on this giveaway!!

There are several ways to enter.  Please leave a comment for each entry.

  1. Become a follower of this blog.
  2. Follow me on Twitter @TrimommyKelly.
  3. Link to this giveaway on your blog.
  4. Tweet about this giveaway with a link.
  5. Leave a comment telling me why you should win this giveaway.
  6. Tell me the names of all the roller coasters you will ride at Cedar Point if you win this giveaway.
I will choose a winner next Tuesday, 6/29.  Good luck!!


  1. seriously? this is an AWESOME giveaway and I would LOVE to enter because I'm already planning on doing a half IM in September, but unfortunately I will have zero vacation days by then so I will have to stick with my Syracuse 70.3 :( but I have heard that the Rev3 events are awesome so I hope whoever wins appreciates it!

  2. Wow these giveaways on the blogs are getting b etter and better! I am already a follower, I am now following you on twitter, I will add a link on my blog on Thursday when I announce the winner of my giveaway, and I am tweeting about this today. As for why I should win this...II would love to do a rev 3 and with my him being july 11th for Rhode Island it would allow me to rest 1 week after that rest and then do another build up for this race. Plus it gives me an excuse to take the family somewhere which they need more than I do. Awesome contest!

  3. Can the entry include Aquabike? or has to be the full triathlon?

  4. I want to win. My tri-budget is shot and my season will be over after Lake Placid if I don't win your entry.
    I am a big fan of the Trakkers team!

  5. I'm deathly afraid of coasters, and get motion sickness, but if you choose me as the winner, I'll ride every coaster, and film every queasy, hair raising moment.

  6. Wait, Team Trakkers has official "fans"!

    We should have official Team Trakkers fan club gear.

  7. Great idea! I would love to win this giveaway, because this race will be one of the 3 Ironman distance races I will completing this season in oder to raise money for cancer research. Each race will be dedicated to a person in my family that is facing this horrible disease.

    Since I lost my job, this would be a HUGE help to my racing efforts financially!! I am trying my best to keep my 3 IM dream alive in this crummy economy. Thanks for reading my post!

  8. Great to see someone giving back to the tri community. This is my first full season as a triathlete and it has been life changing to say the least. The support of the community has far exceeded my expectations. I would LOVE to win this giveaway for the HIM because I was born and raised in Sandusky, OH. I now live in NYC and was not planning on doing the event because of all the costs associated. Getting a free entry would allow me to come back home and race in front of all my friends and family. It would be the perfect end to my first of many amazing seasons. No matter what, best of luck to you on your Iron Girl Seattle!

  9. 1) Follower

    2) Um, do I really have to go into how cool of a prize this would be for the Olivieri clan?

    Triathlon and roller coasters? I am actually doing this event to raise money for the YMCA's Invest In Youth Campaign. If I won, I could take the entrance fee money and invest it into our campaign. Excellent.

    3) Will link it up today.

    4) As someone who went to school in northwest Ohio, I am familiar with Cedar Point. The best roller coaster by far is the wooden Mean Streak.

  10. Because no one will have more fun that me. I love going down waterslides and going on roller coasters drunk.

    If I have to race under your name, you may not want to give it to me, you may never be asked to return. haha.

  11. Being active duty military means being unable to commit to an Ironman a year in advance. Thankfully there are independent races that allow military members such as I to register at nearly the last moment once the deployment schedule has been hammered out. Although I've been training for Cedar Point and have not yet registered, it is in fact my wife who I think is most deserving of a free slot. Through five of my deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan she's maintained a household by herself, a task I'm not sure I would be up for. She's racing her first ever half IM in Buffalo Springs this Sunday, and is hoping to make the jump to the full distance with me in Sandusky. I can only imagine the look on her face if I told her the entry fee was no longer a worry. Congratulations on your success at Quassy, and good luck in Seattle.

  12. I am following you on Twitter, though I swear I already was

  13. I love the Blue streak and Raptor, but I am dying to try out Top Thrill Dragster

  14. This is my "A" race, I have had this circled in red on my calander ever since they announced it. I have this date posted in my bathroom, kitchen, front door, on my alarm clock, at my desk at work, count down clock on my computer.

    I was told 2 years ago that I would never be able to complete a triahthlon by 3 different doctors, now in my second season and 10 races later, not including numerous bike tours, I have beat my odds of doing this great sport, this race would be icing on the cake to complete it.

  15. Hi Kelly -

    I'm in my second triathlon season - I did my first half ironman at Eagleman a few weeks ago, and I'm now hooked on the long distance races. I've just taken the plunge - I plan on doing the B2B (full!) in November. I need a September HIM warm up race, and I would loooove to go to Cedar Point. I have relatives in Ohio that I haven't seen in years. I'll be starting a new job the week after Rev3, so it'll be a nice last 'vacation' :)

    I just graduated from grad school, and I'm struggling to pay off massive student loans. Triathlon is my stress release, and I love the tri community.

    I just started following you on twitter!

  16. I think I have 5 entries coming to me:

    1 & 2 - Done and Done

    3 - no blog, sorry, otherwise I would link to it...

    4. Done

    5. I have been on the fence all year about whether to register for Cedar Point as my first half distance, but $$ is too tight with a new baby on the way ($250 buys a lot of diapers) I would still love to do the race.

    6. I once tried to ride all of them in one day, but came up short when two were closed for maintenance. I never go to CP without riding the Raptor and the oldies (but goodies) Gemini and Blue Streaks. Given enough time, I'd love to try for the sweep again someday.

  17. Last minute entry! I was about to go out on a run, and I remembered that today was the day!

    1: Done!

    2: don't have twitter :(

    3: linked on dreamingovertheocean

    4: didn't tweet, but did a status update on facebook.

    5: prettymuch... because I am the brokest graduate student ever, and scratch by with race entries (it is hard to plan a race schedule, when you don't know if you have the cash to enter your chosen races!) I am wanting another 1/2 iron distance race in the fall, but honestly, not sure if I can afford one. Cedar point is also in the location of a girl I brought to haiti last year, who I know would love love love to watch a race, and be inspired by. I would also love to see the *alternative* to the i-dot 70.3's.

    5) well, if the lineups were not so bad: all of them? I have had cedar point as a rollercoaster destination in my book, since I was in grade 8!!!

  18. How exciting! My life is IMLP training right now...I found you through Mary's blog :-) Would LOVE another race to look forward to and I havent been to Cedar point in AGES!!

    Awesome giveaway!!

    As for the roller coaster question....I would try to get them all in, but i think the Top Thrill Dragster looks the most fun!!


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