Saturday, June 26, 2010

Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta Update

I spent the afternoon at the Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta Expo meeting with some amazing women.  Here are just a few pics to whet your appetite for the great webisode we'll have up on the Aflac Iron Girl Event Series Facebook page next week.

Annett will be participating in her 4th Aflac Iron Girl event tomorrow.  She has multiple sclerosis, and despite her daily obstacles with her disease is able to overcome.

Lee Ann wasn't able to race Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta last year because of a sudden cancer diagnosis.  This year she is racing, and she is racing cancer free.

Mishael lost her husband and mother in 2007, while pregnant with her second daughter.  She wants to show her daughters that, despite your circumstances, strength comes from the Lord.  She is celebrating life by pushing beyond what she thought she could as an Aflac Iron Girl.

Martha celebrated her first year being cancer free at last year's Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta.  She is unable to race tomorrow due to a sudden heart attack earlier this year, BUT she assures me that even though she is not racing physically, she is racing in her heart and will be cheering every woman out on the course tomorrow.

Lorna is racing tomorrow and then on Thursday, packing up what is left of her personal belongings and heading to Africa with her husband to begin serving as full time missionaries at the Children of Zion Village Mission.  They will be caring for 57 children from the ages of 5 weeks to 20 years who have been orphaned due to AIDS.  You can follow their journey here.

I also ran into fellow blogger, Stephanie, and her triathlete husband, Kenny.  Her first tri was Aflac Iron Girl Atlanta 2009, and she's back with a beautiful new bike and the great attitude and sense of humor that I love from her blog, The Princess Runner.

I also got to spend a little time with Cali, future Aflac Iron Girl.  Her mom is racing tomorrow, but somehow I think Cali just might steal the show.  (Kel if you see this and change your mind about one more, just let me know.  I think I look good with baby, no?)

P.S.  Don't forget about my Rev3 Cedar Point entry giveaway which ends on Tuesday.  I've gotten quite a few entries already, and I want everyone to win!  I love all of the comments so far...totally inspiring to me.  


  1. These ladies are so inspirational! I am anxiously awaiting our turn in Syracuse!

  2. Those are some amazing women you have profiled for your webisode! I can't wait to hear about their stories. It was great catching up with you at the expo and at the race!!! You are amazing!


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