Thursday, May 6, 2010

To Victory...and back again

Today I rode for three hours and followed it up with a 30 minute brick run.  First let me say that I am so blessed to have a life where I can go out by myself for almost four hours and do something like this!  If I ever complain, just slap me!

Anyway, I headed out a little before 10:00, loaded up with nutrition, ready to conquer.  My plan was to ride 2 hours in Zone 2 followed by an hour in Zone 3.  I had mapped out a loop and written down the directions and everything!  The loop was just over 50 miles, but I thought it was close to doable, and since I had some cushion time-wise, I wasn't too worried.

Then the wind hit me.

Holy windy city, and I don't even live close to Chicago!!  Seriously, the wind was so strong I couldn't even really stay in aero, and it was literally blowing the snot right out of me!!

I was headed west and the wind was blowing from the northwest.  Even down huge hills (did I mention there were hills) I was going slow!  But as I was riding I decided I was not going to let this wind beat me down.  I started to laugh and thought about what great training this is for the hills of Rev3 Quassy.  I am going to be so ready.  I hunkered down and kept my heart rate as close to zone 2 as I could.  I went very slowly, and I didn't care, because I was doing exactly what I should be doing.

At about 90 minutes I realized that my loop was probably not the best idea.  Fortunately, I was still in a place where it was easy to just turn around and head back.  I have to say the wind definitely factored into my decision to turn around.  I had been fighting that wind for many miles, and I was ready to let it help me along a little bit.  I was still feeling great, both mentally and physically, and then I saw this sign:

I had just ridden to Victory!!  And I was feeling victorious...victorious over the wind and victorious over my doubts.

I have a feeling I might be riding to Victory some more this season!!


  1. How cool is that sign?!?! You must have had a HUGE smile on your face when you saw that! Keep it up!!

  2. That sign is awesome! Way to push through the wind and ride to victory! :)
    I hate the wind...especially when I'm riding my bike. One time I went out for a planned 3hr. ride and it ended up taking me almost 4hr. because the wind was so strong. I ran out of water, had no food, and I thought I was going to have to pull over and call my husband to come and get me. But, I worked through it and made it home!


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