Monday, May 31, 2010

The Sunday Report

I know, I's Monday, BUT it's a holiday, so in the grand scheme of things, it is really a Sunday.

Just call me the Queen of rationalizing.

Anyway, we have had a great holiday weekend so far.  It started off with a trip down to Watkins Glen for the Fly By Night Duathlon on Saturday evening.  Kel was racing, and neither of us have ever been down to this race before.  It is right on the track at the Watkins Glen International Speedway, and when we arrived there was still a car race going on, which the boys loved.  The race didn't get started until about 6:30 p.m., which is also unusual for a multi-sport race.

I was joined in my spectating by Coach Mary and her son, Luc.  Luc, Ryan and Noah totally hit it off and got so dirty it was funny.  Mary and I cheered everyone on, including her husband, Kel, and many of my friends who were racing.  This was a fun race to watch because there was always some action to watch.  The racers did one run loop, then three bike loops, another run loop, three bike loops, and a last run loop, so we got to see Kel a lot.  Here are some pics...

Kel (in orange) powering up the bridge.

Coming in strong at the finish.

The boys clearly enjoying either the race or the dirt or each other.

Ahh...the glory of being done.
He came in 28th overall and 5th in his very tough age group!
Nice job, Kel!  (And you look pretty sexy too!!)

After the race, we went down to my in-laws camp on Cayuga Lake.  Kel and I tented for the night, while Noah and Ryan enjoyed the luxury of the pull-out bed in the trailer!  Perfect all around if you ask me. 

We woke up to a gorgeous day on the lake, and Kel and I donned our new wetsuits for a short swim in the chilly waters of Cayuga.  I just got a Quintana Roo Superfull, so I was looking forward to getting a swim in and checking it out.  We started out with a few pics...clearly I need to work on my underwater photography skills.

I almost got both of us!!

We finally gave up and just got one of me alone!

I loved the wetsuit, although it took me quite a while to get into it.  It is so buoyant I could float upright without even treading water.  I felt nice and smooth in it, and felt as though my swim was almost effortless.  Granted, I was not swimming hard, but I still felt great.  I'm going to try to get one more open water swim in before Quassy, just to make sure the suit is feeling good and fitting well.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather, the water, Gramma and Grampa, and a whole lot of food for the rest of the day.  

Camping wouldn't be complete without smores, right?

I had a two hour run on tap for yesterday, and it was sort of hanging over my head the whole day.  I really don't like to put things off until the evening for that very reason.  We got home around six, and I was wondering how I was going to fit it all in, so I decided to run for an hour, come in a help get the boys into bed, then head out for another hour.  It worked out beautifully, and mentally really helped me get through.  For some reason 2 one-hour runs seems much more doable then 1 two-hour least to me!!  I ended up with about 12.5 miles for the two hours, and the best thing is, the whole time I really felt like a runner!!  I love it when that happens.

Here's what the week looked like...tough, but I made it through:

Swim:  2h 20min 6100 yds
Bike: 8h 35m 1s 121.25 mi
Run:  4h 44m 51s 28.02 mi

Total:  15h 39m 51s 

Six days until Rev3 Quassy!!!


  1. congrats on the run! and it was probably smart to do it late (even though you had no choice) because it was HOT HOT HOT! I broke mine down into 2 45 min loops and in between loops I tried to cool myself down!

  2. It looks like you all had a great time! The pics were great!

    Wow..those training numbers are awesome!

  3. Nice under water pics! what camera did you use?


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