Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Sunday Report

Ahh...during commercial breaks of the LOST finale, I'm squeezing in my Sunday report, so it actually gets posted on Sunday this week.

I wrapped up a pretty big week with a two hour run today.  It was very overcast and threatening to rain when I left, but that didn't stop me.  The run was going great until my stomach decided it really didn't feel like running.  Fortunately, I had planned a run that has a bathroom just a little past the turnaround point.  Five minutes later, with stomach still protesting, I headed home.  My pace slowed a little during these few miles, and with about 30 minutes left, the sun came blazing out.  It really was a beautiful day, and quite honestly, I was just enjoying myself since my stomach had finally settled.

Tonight, however, I realized the error of my ways...

Yeah...that pretty much sucks!!  I'm usually so careful about taking care of my skin, and this really makes me mad at myself.  I, of all people, should know better!!  (Here's why, in case you are wondering.)  Please learn from my stupid mistake, and always, ALWAYS, use sunscreen!!

Anyway, here are the numbers this week!  We are officially 2 weeks away from Rev3 Quassy.  It will be my second go at the half-iron distance, and the first this year, so I'm looking forward to it, and, yes, am a bit nervous.

Swim:  53m 2400 yds
Bike:  8h 11m 21s 125.80 mi
Run:  5h 6s 30.24 mi

Total:  14h 4m 27s

Have a wonderful week, my friends!!


  1. Wow Kelly. Those are some solid tan lines. Take care of that burn!

    See ya in two weeks.

  2. It happens to the best of us Kelly! Usually happens to me at a little league game, after I cover my kid, but forget myself.

  3. I did the same thing on Saturday, ALthough I did put sunscreen on, I miss a little of my back and it still hurts...

  4. Ouch! That just looks painful! Put lots and lots of Aloe Vera on it!

  5. OMG you poor thing!!! im with aime - lots of aloe vera even though its so nasty and sticky!

  6. Ouch!! I'll admit it, I got teary at the end of LOST......


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