Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Sunday Report, better late than never

Whew!!  I've been leading a crazy existence lately.  I'm currently sitting on a plane headed towards Orlando, FL.  I'm off to the USAT Level I Coaching Certification Course to become a certified triathlon coach!!  I'm super excited to soak up everything USAT is going to teach me this weekend, and I'm also excited to see where all of this is taking me in my "triathlon" life.

I have the boys with me, since my parents live close by.  We decided to make a little vacation out of it, and are headed to Sea World tomorrow! Should be fun.

Last week, I finished the week in Del Mar, CA with the Aflac Iron Girl 5K/10K.  I was still able to get in some pretty good training, which makes me happy since Rev3 Quassy is right around the corner.  Here are the numbers (ending Sunday):

Swim: 1h 30m 3900 yds
Bike: 4h 1m 9s 48.91 mi
Run:  3h 31`m 21s 21.67 mi

Total:  9h 2m 30s

Given all of the travel I did last week, I'm really pleased with my numbers.  Hopefully, this week will an equally successful traveling/training week.

Happy training yourself!!


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