Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Mountain Goat Race Report

Here it is...the Mountain Goat...a very hilly, 10 mile road race that I ran on Sunday.  It was hot, hot, hot!!  So much so, that over 60 people ended up in the med tent and about a dozen in the hospital, including a close friend of mine (she is okay).

Anyway, I feel good about this race. I was slower than last year, but it was a super hot day. My Garmin quit during the last mile (!!), so I didn't get any data at all from the race besides what I can remember.

My splits went something like this:

1 8:44 - too fast
2 9:20ish
3 9:20 ish
4 9:30ish
5 ?
6 10:06
7 10:30
8 9:30ish
9 9:04

The first five miles were in 47:05 and the last five were in 49:17.  I think that is pretty good, especially since the two hardest hills are both in the last 5 miles.

40/142 in F35-39
1012/2060 overall
320/905 females 

I finished with nothing left. That's the most I can ask for. I did have an interesting revelation on the way home.  I was a little, discouraged with my time, especially since it was slower than last year, but then Kel asked me if I was biking faster this year...yes...and that will help me with my run in a triathlon.  I am training to be a better triathlete, not a better "runner." 

I also checked out my race report from last year, and, despite the fact that I was about 5 minutes slower this year, I still placed much higher overall, among females, and in my age group than last year.  It was a slower race overall this year because of the heat, and I also went into the race Sunday with 10 hours of training under my legs that week and absolutely no taper.  

I'll take it!

Now I will brag on my handsome (and fast) husband.  Don't we look cute in our Trakkers gear??  (I am loving my Saucony running skirt.) Anyway, Kel ran his first Mountain Goat on Sunday, and did awesome!! He ran it in 72 minutes and made it look easy!!  He placed 12th in his very competitive age group.  I am super proud of him, and just a tiny bit jealous.

That's okay, right??


  1. Nice job to the both of you, and WOW, you both look really cute in all that Trakkers gear. Trail races are so fun and no two are alike. Way to persevere on a very warm day.

  2. Good job on your race! Heat definitely plays a HUGE role in how you run a race, but it sounds like you did awesome! The picture of you two is so cute! Congrats to both of you! :)

  3. Peggy ArmstrongMay 5, 2010 at 3:43 PM

    Congratulations Kel & Kelly! I think you both are awesome....well and both good looking too! I am proud of you!

  4. Excellent race for both of you-it was amazingly hot and you both had strong days.


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