Monday, April 19, 2010

Team Trakkers News much is going on with Team Trakkers, I don't even know where to begin!!

If you are on Twitter, you might have heard about the Team Trakkers/Team Trek/Team K-Swiss throwdown.  At Rev3 Knoxville on May 9, there will be some head-to-head pro team competition, and the winning team will take home a $5,000 prize.  I've no doubt that Team Trakkers will come through, but it certainly makes the inaugural Rev3 Knoxville olympic distance race that much more exciting.  There's still time to register for this race, too, if you haven't already, so be sure to use my discount by typing in TRAKKERS115 at the registration checkout.

The Trakkers Elite Team held a training camp in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago.  I was bummed I was so far away, because it looked like a great weekend for pros and age-groupers alike.  Here are some great pics of the pro team.  One of the things I love about Team Trakkers is that, despite the fact that I am not an elite athlete, I am treated like one.  Every member of Team Trakkers is important, and that means a lot to slow me!!

If you want to learn more about the pro team and also check out the age-groupers, take a look at the Team Trakkers website.  You can see a map of the whole team and read up on what everyone is doing this season.


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