Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Sunday Report

Hey there.

I like to say that because that is how my best friend always answers the phone when I call.  She is from Georgia, so it's not just Hey There--it's Heeey Theeeerrre!!  I don't get to see her very often, BUT a visit is on the horizon!  Yay!!

This week was a tough week.  I've been really busy with a lot projects that seem to be boiling over at the same time.  All of them are great, it's just hard to have my spoon in so many things at once!! 

Training was pretty good this week. I hit almost all of my workouts with just a little bit of tweaking here and there (thanks, Coach!!).  Yesterday, though, was hard.  The plan called for a 2.5 hour ride, 2 in Z2 and .5 at tempo pace, followed by a 20 minute transition run.  I decided to wait until Noah went down for a nap to head out, and once I was on the road is was hot and so windy.  I was literally almost blown off the bike three times!  I decided to do an out and back and went five minutes over halfway before I turned around so I wouldn't get home too early, since I was going to be riding "faster" for the last 30 minutes.  Hah!!!  The best laid plans...

Once I turned around the wind really kicked in gear, and it was all I could do to hold on!  Everytime I went down a hill in aero, I felt like I was being blown around like a little leaf...and I am not a little leaf.  To top is off, I don't think I brought enough fluids because by the end of the ride my mouth and lips were parched; I felt like the wind was sucking everything out of me.  When I realized I was not going to make it home in 2.5 hours, my spirits got really low.  We were planning on going to church last night, and I knew I was on limited time, so the run was nixed. 

Ugh...I hate not hitting the workouts.

So to make up for it, I totally nailed my 80 minute run this morning.  My improved running pace held through 7 out of 8.33 miles, so I feel pretty darn good about that. And the ice bath (I just accidentally spelled it ice batch, and I think I might start calling it that...think what you will) almost felt good.  Kind of.

Here are the numbers:

Swim: 2h 5100 yds
Bike:  5h 42m 52s 73.15 mi
Run: 3h 20m 11s 20.54 mi
Strength:  1h
Total:  12h 3m 4s
Have a great week, friends.


  1. Looks like a good training week. Keep up the good work!

  2. that wind was crazy over the weekend! I had the parched lips thing going as well on my run saturday, drove me nuts!


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