Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Things in my life are shifting.  Slowly and quickly changing directions in unexpected ways.

Sometimes a shift is sudden.  It takes you by surprise, and it knocks you off balance.  Other shifts are subtle.  You don't even feel some of them, but after a while you realize things have been moving all along.  It seems I have a little of both going on.

This shifting is exciting and scary at the same time.  It's bringing me new opportunities that I would have never imagined, but that also means new things to get used to, new routines to establish, new people to meet, and new directions to navigate (and sometimes I am not very good at directions!).

I pray that I use the wisdom God has given me to stay balanced during this shifting.

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  1. Hey Kelly....just catching up after a bit of a blogging break. You're the busiest mom I know, so I'm sure you'll master these changes like you do with all the other things that go on in your life....just great!


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