Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Please Don't Call the Fire Department

 After a couple days of reflection, and some insight from Coach Mary, I have decided that, despite the fact that I was a little disappointed in my performance at Du the Lakes on Sunday (read about that here), it was a great race for me in that I have learned a little bit about myself, and have some work to do to get ready for my upcoming races.

In other words, I feel like there has bee a fire set beneath me!!  And I want it to burn hotter and hotter until the half-iron at Rev3 Quassy, which is my first big race of the season, and a little over a month away!!

Here are a few lessons learned from my race:
  1. Short course is hard and it hurts.  No matter how fast or good you are, it's still painful.  I either need to embrace that or not do short course.  I haven't made a firm decision on that, but I do love a challenge.
  2. When I begin to push myself, I think too much.  I let my brain make decisions for me instead of trusting my body to do what I have trained it to do.  I need to work on getting my mind out of it and flowing with my body.
  3. I have to train my mind to obey, just like I train my body to obey.
  4. When I figure out how to train my kids to obey, will someone please give me a prize?
  5. If a woman passes me just before the finish line, I will not try to guess her age, I will run her down!! (I swear she looked a lot older than me!!)
Time for bed!  Have a wonderful evening! 


  1. When you figure out number 4, PLEASE let me know!!!!

  2. hah, had to laugh about the guessing the age. One advantage to the Athena division - guessing weight is easier from behind than guessing age!

    for #2, have you tried mantras? gets your brain to focus on something other than how hard your body is working.

  3. I have trouble with #2 & #3. I'm just starting out with 5K's and tri's and, even though I know my body is doing fine and can continue, I convince myself that I can't go on and start walking. Why?!?!?! I like Kendra's suggestion for a mantra. I'll have to come up with something to focus on so I don't listen to that little man inside my head. Like George Costanza said, "My little man is an idiot!" ;-)

  4. I think that the post race analyzing is sometimes the hardest part of our sport. Coming to grips with what happened in the moment. Whether it was good or bad, it almost always HURT. I'm glad you were able to discuss it with your coach, that's part of why we hire them.

  5. Short course races ARE hard. Long course races are too. That's the nature of triathlon. It's why we all love this sport so much.

    Battery operated dog shock collars...great way to solve # 4 :-)

  6. OMG - #1-5, I relate to them ALL! Well, maybe not the kid one.... Short course IS damnhard. But I guess so is long, just in a different way.


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