Friday, April 2, 2010

March in Numbers

Here is the monthly report. 

Swim: 7h 16m 19050 yards
Bike:  24h 40m 12s 259.85 miles
Run:  13h 4m 12s 76.88 miles
Strength:  3h 30m

Total:  45h 24s

For some reason, I've still been feeling like my volume is low for the time of year, but I checked last March to compare, and I still have a little more volume this year than last.  I did notice my run miles were much higher last year in about the same time, which at first was a little bit discouraging, BUT I have been doing a ton of Zone 2 endurance work, so actually it is good.  It means I might be running slower but I am training my body to run longer and faster!!  Funny how that works!

Have a wonderful Easter weekend.  He is risen!!

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  1. Happy Easter! He is risen indeed! AND Great job on your training progress!


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