Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Birthday, Ryan!!

Today is Ryan's 7th birthday.  A child's birthday is a very special day for a mother.  Today is the day I became a mother.  Today is the day I became an athlete.

Ryan was born after 26 hours of very hard labor.  After he was born, I felt invincible.  His birthday was the day I realized that I can push my body far harder than I realized.  I had never run a race (with the exception of the 8th grade) before Ryan was born.  This year I will be racing two half-ironman races and my first 50K!!

Thank you, son, for being such a part of making me the Trimommy I am!

Here are some other things I love about Ryan.

  • He is quirky, and certainly has a mind of his own.
  • I love his gravelly little voice.
  • He has the funniest faces.
  • His focus on the things he loves is unwavering.
  • He asked for a bow tie for his birthday.  Seriously.
  • He is confident in a way that only a 7 year old can be.
  • He can be very generous and loving when he sets his mind to it.
  • I love how I can tell what his day was like the minute he steps off the bus.
  • He is very creative.  For Christmas he asked for recycling so he could invent things with it.
  • I love his freckles.
I could go on forever, as any mommy could.  Today we are headed to the bike shop to let Ryan pick out a new bike. I wonder what he'll pick out??


  1. I love that he wanted a bowtie! Happy Birthday Ryan!

  2. Congratulations to you and Happy Birthday to Ryan. My "baby" turned 7 in December. Having kids was also the catalyst that got me into endurance sports..If I can push (and I mean literal pushing) for 4 1/2 hours, I can certainly run a marathon. Trimommies rock!

  3. Happy Birthday Ryan - is he going to pick a little road bike? :)


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